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Steel Structure Garage

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steel structure garage

With a high-quality garage built by China's machinery,

this garage is stable, fast to install, and stylishly favored by the owners.


1、The detail material for the steel structure

The steel structure material is included the H section,I section,Square tube,Circular Tube,Floor decking steel sheet,C section,Z section,Angle iron , Steelbar ,Steel plate .


1)H section steel
H type steel is an economic efficient section material with optimized cross section area allocation and more reasonable ratio of strength to weight. It is named because of its letter "H" cross section. Since its different parts are of orthogonal configuration, h-beam has advantage of good bending capacity, simple construction, cost saving and structure light weight etc., has been widely used.


2)H-beam is divided into: 
The flange wide type (HW) 
The flange middle type (HM) 
The narrow flange type (HN) 
Thin-wall h-beam type (HT) 
H section steel pile type (HU) 

Research has shown that EBF can provide an elastic stiffness that is comparable to that of SCBF and OCBF, particularly when short link lengths are used, and excellent ductility and energy dissipation capacity in the inelast ic range, comparable to that of
SMF, provided that the links are not too short (Roeder and Popov; 1978; Libby, 1981; Merovich et al., 1982; Hjelmstad and Popov, 1983; Malley and Popov, 1984; Kasai and Popov, 1986a, 1986b; Ricles and Popov, 1987a, 1987b; Engelhardt and Popov, 1989a, 1989b; Popov et al., 1989). Inelastic action in EBF under seismic loading is restricted primarily to the links.

2.Product details

Main structure

Steel Welded H Section


C Section Channel or Z Section Channel

Roof Cladding

Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet with Fiber Glass Wool Coil

Wall Cladding

Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet

Tie Rod

Circular Steel Tube


Round Bar

Column & Transverse Brace

Angle Steel or H Section Steel or Steel Pipe

Knee Brace

Angle Steel

Roof Gutter

Color Steel Sheet


PVC Pipe


Sliding Sandwich Panel Door or Metal Door


PVC/Plastic Steel/Aluminum Alloy Window


High Strength Bolts


Can be loaded into 40ft'GP/HQ/OT, or 20 ft'container.


We can make the design and quotation according to your requirement or your drawing

























3.Required Shear Strength

The required shear strength, Vu or Va, as appropriate, of the beam-to-column joint is defined as the summation of the shear resulting from application of the factored gravity loads and the shear that results from application of the requ ired flexural strengths on the two ends of the beam segment between the hinge points, which can be determined as 1.1RyFyZ/Lh (LRFD) or (1.1/1.5) RyFyZ/Lh (ASD), where Z is the plastic section modulus of the beam, and Lh is the distance between plastic hinge locations. However, in some cases, such as when large gravity loads occur or when panel zones are weak, rational analysis may indicate that lower combinations of end moments are justified.




4.Why choose the steel structure?

*Steel has the higher strength.
         * 80% recyclable, Steel is the most recycled material in the world.
        * No warping, no cracking, no chemical treatments.
        * Stronger connection.
        * Lower transport costs due to lightweight frames.
        * Steel frames will not burn, fire proof.
      * Lightning will not affect a steel framed house since steel creates a positive earth. Lightning energy is conducted straight to the ground.
        * Each steel structure is a independent engineered.

5.Panel Zone Doubler Plates

There are several different conditions of use of web doubler plates depending on the need for continuity plates and on the particular design conditions. As noted in the previous section, doublers may be placed against the column web or spaced away from the web, and they may be used with or without continuity plates. When doublers are used with continuity plates, they may be located between the continuity plates, or they may be extended above and below the continuity plates. There are different requirements for welding the plates depending on the various configurations described.
Company Profile:

Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd.Possesses professional large-scale steel structure production equipments and the automatic spraying production
line, so we can satisfy the different customers demand.We takes "build your future" as mission and takes company growth as premise.The company has trained many
high quality marketing personnel, professional technician and construction workers.We take the customers' demand as the guidances, then provide reasonable,
scientific and effective solution for customers.We regard practical growth, innovationand group solidarity as our company spirit, so that we can offer all round service to customers.


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