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  • Steel Structure Solutions
    Steel structure is a structure mainly composed of steel materials and is one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of shaped steel and steel plates. The components or parts are usually connected by welding, bolts or rivets. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential and other fields.

    Steel Structure Solutions For Industrial Buildings

    Sbssteelstructure From industrial steel structure design, industrial steel structure cost, industrial steel structure production to installation. Sbssteelstructure provided complete solutions for prefabricated steel structures in industrial construction. Including steel structures during industrial revolution solutions and other steel structure solutions for industrial buildings. We have a team of more than 500 employees, including many industry experts. With a modern production line and our industrial steel structure warehouse, the company is an enterprise that integrates engineering, design and installation. Its materials are directly delivered by the manufacturer, which reduces the profit extraction of middlemen and reduces costs for customers! It avoids the problems of unqualified project quality, high risk, many disputes, and high costs caused by the docking method.
    In the design of the factory steel structure, in order to choose the correct solution, if the custom industrial steel structure solution includes the following aspects need to be considered:

    1: Steel structure size-the required length, span and height of the steel structure.
    2: Crane Runway System-Do you need to install an overhead crane system in your facility?
    3: Environmental conditions-how is the weather in the local area?
    4: Insulation-Do you need wall and roof insulation?
    5: The main parameters of the single-story steel structure workshop structure.

    The company has its own production workshop with domestic first-class cutting machines, shears, bending machines, automatic welding and other processing equipment and welding equipment. First-class technology and equipment create a reliable guarantee for the quality of the project. Gather talented professional teams from the world's leading companies.
    Sbssteelstructure Steel Structure strictly implements system management. In the past 22 years, there have been no quality and safety accidents and no labor disputes. The company has established a safety and quality inspection department, which is responsible for supervising various tasks and processes in strict accordance with national standards

    Steel Structure Solutions For Agriculture

    A Steel structure for agriculture from Steel structure is an efficient solution for an agriculture facility. Every agriculture operation requires a unique set of building features, and our steel structures are designed according to use. Sbssteelstructure Company have agricultural steel structure for sale (steel structure for agricultural steel buildings).

    In agricultural storage building steel structures, agricultural steel structure design and agricultural steel storage structures are an effective way to improve agricultural production. In the development of modern facility agriculture, an excellent steel structure solutions for agricultural buildings/farmhouse/farm house/shed shelter poultry house is essential for the production of high-quality agricultural products.
    Agricultural steel structure steel and steel structure for metal farm buildings are used in facility agriculture play an important roles. Because the pressure resistance, wind resistance, load capacity, and service life of steel structures deeply affect the productivity of facility agriculture.

    There are many reasons why steel structure farms and steel structure ranches built by steel structure engineering are suitable as agricultural buildings. Through continuous improvement practices by farmers and ranchers over the years, they have begun to choose steel structures that are durable, easy to maintain, low in agricultural steel structure cost. Let's talk about why steel farms and ranches are suitable as agricultural buildings, and why should we custom steel structure solution?

    I. High safety: Steel structure engineering can better resist natural disasters and cope with strong winds, heavy rain, pests, decay and fire. Make sure farms and ranches are working well. Agricultural equipment can also be greatly secured. It will not cause livestock damage due to the collapse of the disaster and cause huge losses.
    2. Stable environment: The steel structure project is easy to be insulated, which can better keep the indoor environment stable. Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems help animals stay comfortable, keep air flowing, and the temperature is good for them and people.
    3. Insect and bite prevention: Steel-structured farms and ranches have obvious advantages in preventing insects and animal bites. Because the building structure uses steel as the material, there is no danger that the wood is susceptible to pests and animal bites to the structure.
    4. Expansion of storage: The steel structure project is very easy to expand and expand, which can make more specialized rooms for storing, bathing and slaughtering agricultural products added to existing buildings. The installation can design a storage space for feed, products, clothing and equipment specifically close to agricultural products, so that there is no need to carry it to another building in the open during a storm or rain.
    5. Low comprehensive cost: The construction period of steel structure project is short, and the steel structure for agricultural storage buildings is good, which greatly reduces the labor cost. In addition, the number of subsequent maintenance is low, and the maintenance cost is also low. Long-term safe operation is not easy to be damaged, and the maintenance cost is low, which is a great savings for the operator.
    Based on the above reasons, we can understand why steel farms and ranches are suitable as agricultural buildings.

    Steel Structure Solutions For Commercial Buildings

    Commercial building steel structure is a new type of building system that opens the industry boundaries between real estate, construction, and metallurgy, and integrates into a new industrial system. This is the common building steel structure design and custom steel structure for commercial building system.
    Compared with traditional concrete buildings, steel structure buildings use steel plate or section steel instead of reinforced concrete, which has higher strength and better seismic resistance. At present, the application of commercial building steel structure in high-rise and super high-rise buildings is becoming more and more mature, and it has gradually become the mainstream building technology, which is the development direction of future buildings. Today, the demand for commercial buildings has increased significantly, especially in large cities such as office buildings, steel structure design business centers, showrooms, hypermarkets. Will use steel structure design for commercial metal buildings or commercial metal buildings in steel structure, such as office building in steel structure (office building in steel structure design) For these steel structure commercial metal buildings, two important factors that investors should pay attention to are Service functions and flexibility of the building.
    This means that the structure must be flexible enough to be easily changed and used for a variety of purposes, including underground structures. (steel structure for steel garage buildings)

    Steel structure solutions for residential building

    Steel structure solutions for residential use allows many residential steel structure designs to be no longer limited to single-story steel structure plants, but to break through previous limitations. Steel structure solutions for resistant, steel structure solutions for residential construction, residential steel structure solutions, steels structure solutions for villas and steel structure house solutions, through custom residential steel structure many residential steel structure design get the best design and lowest residential steel structure cost.

    Residential and mixed-use buildings steel structure allows many dwellings to start using multi-story steel structured residential buildings. Multi-story steel-structured residential buildings have a small footprint, fast construction time, and cost savings, custom steels structure villa, and steels structure villa cost. The factors are all factors in the choice of many households.

    In 2001, China's steel output reached 150 million tons, ranking first in the world, and the necessary material foundation for the development of building structures. Due to traditional concepts and other reasons, the proportion of architectural steel structure villa design or residential steel structure design in our country is still very small. Basically, there is still a blank in the residential field. Steel structures are not basically used in the hundreds of millions of square meters of residential buildings built each year, and only a small number of small steel structure villas. The residential sector is still dominated by concrete or brick-concrete structures. Steels structure villa design and residential steel structure design have not yet spread. Some experts predict that the 21st century will be a period of rapid development of steel structures.

    Therefore, in 1999, light steel structure residential buildings were officially included in the national key technological innovation projects. It can be seen that the market prospects for steel structure house design and custom residential steel structure, residential steel structure design, steels structure villa design and building steel structure are very broad.

    Although steel structure buildings have not entered a large-scale industrialization period in China, in the past decades, China's construction industry has made a series of explorations in various constructions.
    Residential steel structure design is rapidly increasing the industrialization of China’s housing industry, advancing the technological innovation and industrial structure adjustment of China’s construction steel. From the 1980s, China began to introduce foreign light steel dwellings for development and research. Structure solutions for residential use, progress has been made so far.

    At present, domestic steel for building steel structures has developed rapidly in quantity, variety and quality, creating important conditions for the development of steel structures in China.
  • Steel Structure Components & Materials
    The steel structure solution or steel structure design can be designed separately according to the customer's architectural and structural requirements, and then assembled in a reasonable order.
    Typical structural steels for steel structure. Due to the advantages and flexibility of steel materials, steel structures have been widely used in medium-sized and large-scale (prefabricated steel structure plant) projects.
    The steel structure design is an engineering structure composed of steel plates, round steel bars, steel pipes, steel cables, and various types of steel. Steel structure solution need to withstand various possible natural and man-made environments, and are engineering structures and structures with sufficient reliability and good socio-economic benefits.
    The main steel structure materials are as follows:

    H section steel

    H-section steel is an economical section and efficient section with more optimized cross-sectional area allocation and more reasonable weight-to-weight ratio. It is named because its section is the same as the English letter "H". The H-shaped steel structure design has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light weight in all directions, and has been widely used.


    Hot rolled regular joist steel, also called steel beam, is strip steel with I-shape section. Its section size is represented as waist peak (h) x waist thickness (d) mm.

    Square Tube

    Square tube is a name for square tube and rectangular tube, that is, steel tubes with equal and unequal sides.

    Circular Steel Tube

    Circular Steel Tube: Circular Steel Tube: There are two types of round steel tubes: hot-rolled seamless steel tubes and welded steel tubes.

    Z-Section Sheet

    The essential characteristics of the Z sheet pile are the continuous form of the web and the specific location of the interlock symmetrically on both sides of the neutral axis. Both aspects have a positive influence on the section modulus.

    Floor decking steel sheet

    Steel plates include thin steel plates, thick steel plates, extra thick plates, and flat steel.

    PVC waterfall pipe

    PVC pipe and PVC-U pipe are shaped by using hot pressing of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin and stabilizers, lubricants, etc. They are the first developed and applied plastic tubing.

    Ventilate ball

    Ball ventilator is also called swirl ventilator, turbo ventilator, and unpowered wind cap and so on. Ball ventilator is generally made of stainless steel, which is easy to install and suitable for small civil buildings and industrial plants. Relatively speaking, the spherical roof ventilator itself has a small volume and low ventilation efficiency, which is relatively limited for large industrial plants.

    Eps sandwich panel

    Mainly used in thermal insulation / dry trucks, large-span structural roofs, walls, thermal insulation (or fire) workshops, purification workshops, high-mid-grade combined houses, container houses, etc.

    Rock wool sandwich panel

    Rock wool sandwich panel is a sandwich panel made of rock wool. Rock wool sandwich panel fully utilizes the unique properties of rock wool core material, and has significant effects in fire prevention, heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.

    Polyurethane sandwich panel

    Rigid polyurethane insulation board can be widely used in the fields of color steel sandwich panels, central air-conditioning, building wall materials, cold storage, refrigerator rooms, thermal insulation boxes, chemical tanks and other fields.
    The precise processing of steel structural components can increase the installation speed and allow the use of management software to monitor and speed up the construction progress. It also requires lower production and warranty costs than traditional building structures. In addition, steel structural materials are produced in the factory and professionally installed on site by professional installation teams. The actual inspection results have proven that steel structures are the safest steel structure solution.
    Because steel structure components & materials can be recycled, smelted, and reused, steel structure is also known as an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, recyclable building structure, which meets the requirements of sustainable and healthy economic development. Steel structure materials is an important structural form widely used in various projects. With the development of China's economic construction and the increase of steel output, steel structure components & materials will play an increasingly important role.
  • Steel Structure Application
    Steel structure application is not unfamiliar to us. In every corner of life, as long as you pay attention, there will be the emergence of steel structure. Here are some specific applications for steel structure:

    Steel structure entrance hall

    This is mainly an auxiliary hall expanded from the side of the original building or the factory building. This kind of building hall is mostly designed by computers in an all-round way. The construction period is relatively short and the workload is relatively small, so it can be installed quickly.

    Steel structure workshop

    The light structure of the roof and exterior wall of the steel structure workshop is usually made of H-shaped steel beams and columns, and the nodes are steel joints. Steel structure workshops are mainly composed of beams and columns, steel beams, tie bars, roof panels, wall panels and so on.

    Steel structure warehouse

    The design of the steel structure warehouse is relatively simple, the material is more practical, the cost is relatively low, the bearing capacity is large, and the material is recyclable, which meets the environmental protection construction standards.

    Steel structure overpass

    This kind of flyover has relatively few formalities, does not need pouring and maintenance, the construction speed is relatively fast, and the disassembly is convenient, and the recycling value is relatively high. Therefore, it is convenient for rapid and civilized construction.

    Steel structure building

    Compared with traditional concrete, steel structure has obvious advantages in construction cycle, energy saving, and earthquake resistance. As a green and low-carbon steel structure solution, it is in line with today's environmental protection concept.
    After observation, we can know that most of the new plant buildings in recent years are steel structure buildings, why can steel structure solution replace other? The main reasons are as follows:
    1. High strength of steel, light weight of structure, large span of manufacturing workshop.
    2. Good plasticity and toughness of steel: The plasticity of steel is good. Under normal circumstances, the structure will not suddenly break due to accidental or partial overload.
    3. The material of the steel is uniform and highly reliable: the internal organization of the steel is uniform and isotropic.
    4. Poor corrosion resistance of steel
    5. Steel is weld able and suitable for manufacturing various complex shapes.
    Steel structure is an important structural form widely used in various projects. With the development of China's economic construction and the increase of steel output, steel structures will play an increasingly important role.
Steel Structure Installation

How To Installation The Steel Structure

The installation of steel structure is a very important sub-item. Due to its complex structure, large scale, long construction period, strong professionalism and high accuracy, the following basic tasks need to be done well:
1. Before the steel structure is installed and constructed, it should be adjusted and supplemented in accordance with the changes in objective conditions during the specific implementation process in accordance with the requirements of the construction drawings and relevant technical documents, combined with the characteristics of the project, the requirements of the construction period, and the site conditions.
2. When determining the specific steel structure installation method, it must be closely integrated with construction units such as civil engineering, plumbing, sanitation, ventilation, communication and elevators, make overall arrangements for all construction projects, and do a good job of comprehensive balance.
3. In order to ensure the installation quality of the steel structure, the connection materials used in the installation must have a product quality certificate and comply with the design drawings and relevant specifications, and a corresponding re-inspection should be carried out if necessary.
4. The steel rulers used in the three aspects of civil construction, component fabrication and structural installation in steel structure engineering must be inspected and identified with the same standard and shall have the same accuracy.
5. The main processes of steel structure installation, such as measurement calibration, thick steel plate welding, peg welding, friction surface processing and installation of high-strength bolt nodes, must be inspected before construction.
6. The installation of steel structures shall be carried out under the guidance of a responsible engineer qualified for installation of steel structures; the special tools and testing instruments used for installation shall meet the construction requirements for steel structure installation and shall be inspected regularly.

What are the precautions for steel structure installation?

1. Before the steel structure is installed, the construction unit needs to check the product qualification certificate, design documents and pre-assembly records of the components, and re-check the size of the recorded components. When the deformation and defects of the steel structure exceed the deviation, it shall be handled.
2. Before the installation of steel structures, detailed measurement and correction processes shall be prepared. For welding of thick steel plates, a process test simulating the product structure shall be carried out before welding and installation, and corresponding construction processes shall be prepared. A certain degree of arching should be preset for the assembled roof truss.
3. After the steel structure is hoisted in place, the control points such as the positioning axis of the component and the design requirements shall be measured and marked, and the quality of the hoisting butt joint shall be checked before welding. Install temporary supports and steel cables to make steel roof trusses safe and stable during construction.
4. For the installation of steel structures, the construction unit shall submit the elevation dimensions, welding, painting, etc. of each slab component to the supervisor for acceptance.
In the installation of steel structure workshops, materials are the key link. The type, model, specification and quality of steel shall meet the design requirements and regulations. Random sampling and retesting shall be used before passing the test. The correct selection of the connection method and the rational design of the connection form are important parts in the installation of steel structures.
Steel Structure Design Requirements
In recent years, steel structure has attracted people's attention. The design of steel structure is particularly important. The design style of steel structure reflects the designer's idea. Steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials, which is one of the main types of building structures. The design of steel structure must proceed from reality and pay attention to the reasonable and scientific design of engineering.

1. Design principle of steel structure:
  • Structural scheme: this is the soul of steel structure design, what kind of structural scheme directly affects the success or failure of the project.
  • Component layout: what kind of component layout, the distribution of fulcrum forces, need to be strictly calculated.
  •  Section shape: It not only requires the structural parts to bear the maximum pressure, but also requires the section shape to be artistic in human vision.
  • Structure: the miniaturization of node structure requires that the structural components are the most economical in cost and occupy the least space.

2. Considering the rationality of steel structure engineering design:
  •  Whether the strength of the material has been given full play; whether the handling of pressure (tension) force is reasonable.
  • Whether the manufacturing and installation cost of steel structure is small.
  • Whether the strength of materials and manufacturing and installation costs play a full role, these five indicators are directly related to the strength of materials, the strength of materials is the most economic, only give full play to the strength of materials to reduce the cost.

3. The overall optimization of space structure and the technology adopted in the engineering design of steel structure often reflect the construction technology level of a country, and the building materials are closely related to the building structure.
In the design and application of steel structure, the performance of steel structure should be further understood. The steel structure will be affected by various forms during the use, so it is required that the steel should have good mechanical properties (strength, plasticity, toughness) and process ability (hot & cold processing and welding Performance) to ensure that the structure is safe and reliable. The structural form of steel structure should not only be beautiful, but also have corresponding requirements in performance.

1. Intensity

The design is based on the yield strength of the steel. The high yield strength can reduce the weight of the structure, save steel, and reduce the cost.

2. Plasticity

The plasticity of steel generally means that after the stress exceeds the yield point, it has the characteristic of significant plastic deformation without breaking.

3. Cold bending performance

The cold bending performance of steel is a measure of the resistance of the steel to cracks when plastic deformation occurs during bending at normal temperature.

4. Impact toughness

The impact toughness of steel refers to the ability of steel to absorb mechanical kinetic energy during the fracture process under the impact load. It is a measure of the mechanical properties of steel against impact load, which may cause brittle fracture due to low temperature and stress concentration.

5. Welding performance

The welding performance of steel refers to the performance of welding joints with good performance under the specified welding process conditions. Welding performance can be divided into two types: welding performance in welding process and welding performance in use performance.

6. Durability

Many factors affect the durability of steel. The poor corrosion resistance of steel. Protective measures must be taken to prevent corrosion and rusting of steel.
SHENGBANG Steel Structure follows the material requirements of steel structure design to provide you with a good steel structure solution and will cooperate sincerely with the customers and build better future under the principle of win-win cooperation.
  • Development Of Steel Structure Industry
    Steel structure is an iron-carbon alloy steel structural material. The history of humans' adoption of steel structures and the development of iron and steel making technologies are inseparable. China is also one of the countries that invented iron making technology earlier. As early as the Warring States Period, China's iron making technology has become very popular. In 65 AD, it has successfully used wrought iron as a ring and interlocked into a chain to build the world's earliest iron chain suspension bridge-Lanjin Bridge. Since then, dozens of iron chain bridges have been built in order to facilitate transportation and cross the deep valley. All this shows that the application of iron structure by our Chinese nation has once led the world.
    In general, the properties of materials are the starting point for new architectural forms. Steel structures are manufactured from steel plates, hot-rolled sections or cold-formed thin-wall sections. Compared with the structure of other steel structure materials, the material of steel structure is high in strength, plasticity and toughness. Steel is much stronger than other building materials such as concrete, masonry and wood. And the steel structure is easy to manufacture, the construction period is short, and the accuracy is high. In addition, it is relatively easy to rebuild and strengthen the completed steel structure, and the structure connected with bolts can also be demolished as needed. For structures that require long-distance transportation, such as construction in mountainous and remote areas with inconvenient transportation, light weight is also an important advantage.
    Relatively speaking, the steel structure industry in China started relatively late. Until the last ten years, steel structure construction projects have ushered in rapid development. In recent years, the relevant industrial policies of the steel structure industry have been warmed up, and the government has issued a number of policies that have an important impact on the development of the industry. In addition to favorable policies, the rapid development of the domestic construction market, rail transit construction and energy construction projects driven by urbanization is also the main driving factor for the continuous improvement of the steel structure industry. The expansion of market demand will promote the further development of China's steel structure technology and output. At the same time, new processes and new uses of steel structures will continue to emerge, promoting the continued healthy development of the industry.
    In 2016, China's steel structure output was about 56.18 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 12.2%. From 2018 to 2023, the steel structure industry is expected to maintain steady and good development. It is estimated that by 2023, China's steel structure output will exceed 130 million tons. Vigorous development of steel structure construction is an important way to implement the requirements of the green low-carbon cycle and improve the level of industrialization of the building. Steel structure solution it is an important measure to stabilize growth and adjust the structure, promote structural transformation and supply-side structural reform, and resolve excess capacity in the steel industry.
    Steel Structure Factories And Companies In China
    Steel structure factories and companies development of steel structure industry is the only way for China's construction industrialization. The industrialization of steel structure housing is the only way for the development of China's housing industry, which will become a new growth point to promote China's development. For steel structure buildings, relevant leaders and experts from the Ministry of Construction believe that steel structure is a structural form that is more in line with industrialized production methods. Steel structure factories is easy to achieve design and standardization, factory production of structural parts, mechanization and assembly of construction, and can carry out standardized design, serialized development, intensive production and socialized supply. Some scholars have predicted that 50 years later that the steel structure of steel structure company may become the main structure of new buildings in China. Judging from today’s development situation, this expectation is expected to be greatly advanced.
    The steel structure industrial design system is easy to realize industrialized production and standardized production. The matching wall materials can adopt new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials. Just like the great building in China: the "Bird's Nest" was the main stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The giant stadium design completed by the 2001 Pritzker Prize (the Nobel Prize in the construction industry) and Herzog and DE melon in cooperation with Chinese architects has a shape like a "nest" that nurtures life. The cradle holds the hope of humanity for the future.
    The "Bird's Nest" is surrounded by a huge steel net and covers 91,000 people's stadium. The sightseeing stairs naturally become an extension of the structure, the columns disappear, and the uniformly stressed net has no clear direction like a tree branch, making the stadium say goodbye to sunshine Shadow. The entire terrain is uplifted by 4 meters, and the interior is ancillary facilities, which avoids the huge investment in digging earth. It is a green environment-friendly building, which can be recycled and reused, and is consistent with sustainable development. Therefore, the research results of steel structure system technology will greatly promote the rapid development of steel structure factories and companies in China, which directly affects the development level and future of China's Steel Structure industry.
    The steel structure industry is a breakthrough in realizing the industrialization of housing and a powerful means to achieve the goal of the construction of social housing in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period; the steel structure will make life and production more compatible, and truly realize energy conservation and environmental protection; Will promote the upgrading and development of a series of industrial chains such as steel, machinery manufacturing, industrial design, and material recycling.
    In order to cope with the impact of the international financial crisis and implement the overall requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand, and adjusting the structure, we must accelerate the structural adjustment of the steel structure industry, strengthen our independent development capabilities, and promote industrial upgrading to promote the continued and healthy development of our steel structure industry Stable development and make positive contributions to stable and rapid development.

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