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SP01 Steel pylons

  • Model Number : SP01
  • Brand Name : SBS

Material: Q235,Q345,Q420,Q460

Voltage: 10KV-500KV

Galvanization: ASTM A123

Weld: CO2 Welding & Submerged Arc Auto

Surface Treatment: Hot Dip Galvanizing

Life Span: >20 years

Cetificate: ISO9001:2008

A pylon is a tower-like structure. They can represent steel towers or masts that support antennas for television, radios and cell phones, or electric wires. A pylon can also be the vertical support for a bridge or a tower marking an entrance of some sort.
Pylons designed to hold electric cables and conductors are constructed on the lattice tower model, with two or three sets of vertical arms to hold the wires. Towers with two arms generally appear near airports where a shorter profile is required.

We are a professional company in design, manufacture, and install steel structural mast, our products involve various steel tower and large steel structure, such as steel angle tower, combined steel tower, flaretower, monopole tower, microwave tower, steel pole and steel framework etc, the products are widely used in electricity project, communication project, radio and television project, and other relevant projects.

Our company has been in this industry for many years, and has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality System Authentication. meanwhile, we are continually learning and researching new technology, to keep the products being advanced and scientific. Right now we have supplied our products and services to not only domestic market, but also foreign market, covering Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa etc.

Here,Pylons are often made of steel instead of concrete, because they are strong substances that can hold a large amount of weight. A pylon needs to be sturdy, since it is supporting a bridge, road, or power lines. Other pylons act as navigational aids, marking paths for cars or small planes.
Test Equipments
1. Before put into production, all the material must pass the chemical and physical analysis to make sure that they have met the requested strength and component. 
2. Have more than 15 inspection procedures from incoming raw material to finished products.
3. It is our company policy that all the finish product should be inspected by our specialized QC in every manufacture steps and before every shipment.
SBS production and trade co-operative produces and supplies a wide range of poles and pylons for public lighting and other uses. The offer includes lighting poles and pylons, decorative poles and pylons, flagpoles, railway poles and pylons, traffic signal poles, traction poles and atypical poles and pylons made on customers´ request.
If you did not find the desired steel poles in our standartized production we can produce special poles according to customers demand and requirements.
SBS has the facilities, experience, and people to be sensitive and knowledgeable regarding your requirements for custom parts in a timely manner.  When you need fabrication drawings, our staff can produce these and provide them to you in any of several formats.
Our range of services can provide you with what you need to get your project completed on time and within budget. From fabrication to close-out, we will be in your corner every step of the way.

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