1. What is the classification of container house?
A. Classification according to size
(1) 20 ft container house
(2) 40 ft container house
(3) Container house by customized
The standard container house is commonly used and easy to transport while the non-standard is to suit the special demand.
B. Classification according to material and transport packing
(1) Flat pack container house with sandwich panel
Material: steel structure profile, EPS sandwich, rock wool sandwich, PU sandwich panel, etc.
• The 4 main steel pillars are removable.
• The top and base frame are prefabricated at the factory.
• Sandwich panels are packed as a kit, 4 kits are packed in 1 unit.
• The flat pack kits are available to shipping transportation, saving the costs.
• Take much time at site installation, lead to high local labor costs.
(2) Modified or converted shipping container
Material: converted with ISO standard shipping container, decorated with building materials.
• Prefabricate and install the container house at factory according to the customer’s requirement.
• Transport the whole container.
• Reduce the time of site installation as well as local labor costs.
• Transportation as shipping container leads to high transportation cost, and unexpected collision is possible.
2. What is the basic information of container house supplied by client?
We often get inquires for quotation from customers who even have no idea about the difference between flat pack container house with sandwich panel and modified container house. It always makes things complicated. Actually, we can provide you with quotation quickly but only when the client supply basic information as the following:
• Construction area, the quantity of containers house needed
• Layout of the project
• Usage of container house (for labor house, container hotel, storage, container office or others)
• Local environment, whether and landform.
• With bathroom and toilet or not.
• Requirements for decoration or not.
• With electricity or not. Requirements for electricity are designed according to the plan.
3. Is there any warranty available on the steel structure buildings?
The steel structure buildings have limited warranty. Usually, we build the house complied with the GB Chinese standard, which is consult U.S. building codes.
4. How difficult is it to install prefabricated house?
Some customers who purchase prefabricated house choose to install their own house since we supply a bolt together, all-steel frame, which is precision manufactured and prefabricated in factory. Therefore, the house is easy for construction. We also offer standardized installation drawings to help in the construction of the house.
5. What if I have questions during the installation of my house?
SBS company has a technical service department ready to answer your questions and help you through the process of installing the prefabricated house.
6. What kinds of material are available?
SBS company has a wide variety of wall body, doors, windows, roof panel and associated parts to fit our houses. Refer to the materials page for more details.
7. Can I customize my house?
We have as a wide variety of finishes and features that will satisfy your personal taste and needs. Please contact our sales to explain some detail you want to customize the house.
8. Are steel structure buildings expensive?
The steel structure of SBS company is economic. Its technology and materials used decreases waste expenses such as wood, decorative stone, brick etc. All the material including the steel frames, wall body and roof for installation are prefabricated during the production process, therefore the labor costs for installation is decreased.
9. Do steel constructions harm the nature?
Steel is 80% recycling material. So it does less harm to the nature compared with the other type buildings.
10. Can we construct steel framed house on sea shores or mountains?
Steel systems are highly resistant to rust by galvanization process and can be lived safely mountainous areas or seaside areas with intense salt.
11. Why should I build using steel structure?
• Steel has the higher strength.
• 80% recyclable, Steel is the most recycled material in the world.
• No warping, no cracking , no chemical treatments.
• Stronger connection.
• Lower transport costs due to lightweight frames.
• Lightning will not affect a steel framed house since steel creates a positive earth. Lightning energy is conducted straight to the ground.
• Each steel structure is a fully engineered

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