Nowadays, the number of cars is more and more, and the price is more and more pro-people, but it is easier to park a car than to park in a bad parking space. Every time people find a parking space, they are used to thinking about where to park for a long time when they have a choice. In order to ensure the safety of the three-dimensional garage, the application of steel structure is undoubtedly the best choice. There are many forms of conventional three-dimensional garage, such as lifting transverse type, vertical circulation type, simple lifting type, vertical lifting type, plane moving type, roadway stacking type and so on. It has been systematically studied abroad, and most of the garages use steel frame structure. The following is about the main advantages of the steel structure garage.

And the cross section of the conventional steel structure garage component is less, in general, including I-shaped steel, H-shaped steel and channel steel, in which the most widely used is the hot-rolled H-shaped steel. The characteristic of hot-rolled H-section steel is that the web is thin and the flange is relatively thick, so the bending rigidity of the section is generally larger. Compared with the hot-rolled H-steel, the hot-rolled H-shaped steel can save the steel material by 15-30%. In addition, that hot-rolled H-shape steel has the advantage that the thickness of the flange is equal, so that the connection, the processing and the installation of the other components are convenient.

The relative bearing capacity of steel components is large and the size of them is small, so the building area can be saved. The structure has better plasticity, so the plastic deformation ability of the structure is better than that of other materials, which can improve the safety of the steel structure garage, so the open room of steel structure garage is large and the spatial layout is more flexible. The steel structural components can be produced in the processing plant and shipped to the site for assembly, which can ensure the quality and construction progress of the project, greatly improve the investment efficiency and reduce the time of capital turnover. Steel is a kind of green recyclable material, when the building is demolished, most of the materials can be recycled.

Steel structure garage should have a good ground effect, and pay attention to the overall process and layout of the garage, the effect of the whole facade can better meet the needs of the process. In the facade design, it can better highlight its own color, and can achieve better results. In the process of design, not only will there be a very good effect on the ground, but also the style of simplicity and atmosphere will become very good. We choose such a design, not only can show these functions as a whole, but also can see more details in the whole design. In peacetime design, these styles should be truly combined to create a richer color. When designing a steel structure garage, we should really create a stronger sense of function, which will not only be more three-dimensional, but also compared with the reinforced concrete structure, can create a more magnificent effect.


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