• Steel frame on three sides display ad Steel frame on three sides display ad

Steel frame on three sides display ad

  • Model Number : SFOTSDAD
  • Brand Name : SBS

1. Advertising Billboard Frame Specification:

1) All the advertising billboard frames are made of Q235 steel;

2) There are bolted structures,welded structures and bolt ball grid structure;

3) High strength,sturdy and durable;

4) Resist wind speed at 150km/h;

5) High earthquake resistance;

6) Anti-rust ,anti-corrosion surface.The surface can prevent wind abrasion and sustain high temperature.

7) Service lifetime is 10 years.

8)Easy pictures changing.
9)Easy installation with installation instructions 
10)The design, based on the principle of mechanics and aesthetic concept, can meet different demands with its safe, accurate and attractive features.

2. Excellent Service:

1) Each advertising bill board frame would be rechecked by designer to ensure the safety and coordination to different countries' customer;

2) Provide both standard design and personalized design;

3) Strict quality supervision during the whole manufacture process;

4) Provide installation guide by professional engineer.

Q235  steel, combined with high technology behind steel-framing, allows every framing member to be straight, strong and stable. This means that when you build with Q235  steel you're building with a top quality product so you're ensured a quality finish. Steel-framing is a complete system, cost competitive with timber-framing, and depending on the design of your need it can be cheaper.
Every structure is approved and supervised by professional structural engineers
The global environment and climate always change.When you choose outdoor Steel frame
the first consideration is safety. Qualified billboards should fully consider the following factors:
Strong winds, rain and snow, earthquake, thunderstorms, dry and wet environment and 
climate.All those factors will have very big effect on materials physical and chemical properties . 
SBS steel have considered everything for you.
Product:Double-sided street pole advertising billboard
Material:Main structure painted steel structure
type:outdoor used; three side
Characteristic:Grid structure,10-year quality guarantee
Application:Speed-way, high-way, over pass, square, business street,commercial center, commercial street,etc.

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