What are the benefits of steel construction? Steel workshop building, agricultural steel buildings, metal aircraft hangars, farm shed builders, steel roof structure, steel warehouse buildings and so on, nowadays metal buildings are used commonly. First, steel frame structure buildings have been recognized by consumers for their high strength bearing capacity and good seismic performance. The metal frame buildings are less waste, easy resource reuse and environmental protection. At the same time, general steel building is conducive to saving farmland, protecting land resources, and easy to demolish. Can be made into a large span, wide open. The steel structure building has a better advantage for the beam depth and the inter-column span. For example, the beam depth and span ratio of general reinforced concrete is about 1:12, while the steel structure is 1:24, and the area ratio can be increased by 5% to 8%.
Second, compared with the brick-concrete structure, the steel structure construction process is not easily affected by the natural environment. The general steel structure is constructed by processing the required steel structure and then transporting it to the construction site, using welding and The form of bolts is used for splicing and installing steel structural members, which greatly improves the construction period of steel structure buildings and the easy disassembly of steel structure buildings, which can greatly improve the environmental protection of buildings. The value of funds is fully reflected in the construction, reducing the cost of capital, which is extremely beneficial to the developer's sales and capital return.


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