• Prefabricated steel elevator shaft Prefabricated steel elevator shaft

Prefabricated steel elevator shaft

  • Model Number : PSES
  • Brand Name : SBS

Steel and aluminium shaft structures for lifts and lifting platforms. SBS Group, besides the industrial manufacturing, is highly flexible and available to offer customised products according to customers’ needs.
These steel or aluminum lift shafts can be used in a wide range of clours and finishes. So ,whatever surroundings is, the lift structure can be built to suit it. These metal lift structures can be quickly  installed and are suitable for indoor or exterior.
The load rating up to 480 kg and is suitable both for interior and exterior environments. The shaft structure is constructed of extruded aluminum custom-cut vertical uprights with extruded aluminum adjustable horizontal cross beams.
The structure is equipped to allow the insertion of various glazing options, aluminum panels, stainless steel sheet panels or honeycomb sandwich panels. A reversible glazing bead allows the glazing or panels to be installed either flush with the interior wall or exterior wall.
Code Loads(*) Vertical Upright Structural Cross Beams Architectural Cross Beams Adjustable Cross Beams
Slim 320Kg 40 x 80 40 x 114 40 x 114 
Std 320Kg 70 x 70 40 x 114 40 x 114 
Big 480Kg 100 x 100 40 x 114 40 x 114 
(*) Loads are only as an example because these values are subject to exposure, seismic activity, lift type and availability of fixing to building
Our lift structures comply with all Building Regulations and hold all appropriate accreditations. Welcome to contact us.
Where an elegant and impressive or observation effect is required to the entire outside of the lift shaft, then lift shafts are often purchased in addition to the lift. The steel shafts have a smaller outside footprint due to the 50mm thin walls. The load bearing shafts are ideal for situations with limited space. Steel and glass shafts are extremely popular where a functional light well or architectural effect is desired.
The steel shafts look sensational, and are designed to impress our most discerning customers.
Steel shafts are also very quick to install as they are modular. They are designed to be carried in through a normal door opening. We do not require roof removal or crane, and they sustain their own loads. Naturally, it is one less thing for the builder to do.
Steel shafts carry their own load and transfer it to the floor meaning the cost of a load bearing shaft is saved.
2. Prefabricated steel elevator shaft 
• Can accommodate virtually any size, shape and configuration.
• The lift is automatically vertical simply by standing the sections one on top of the other.
• Does not impact critical path of project.
• Reduction in site problems during mechanical installation.
• Reduced site labour and costs.
• The shaft becomes integral to the building.
• All products are manufactured by SNS Ltd under  ISO9001:2008 quality management procedures, which ensures high quality finished products.
Lifts Shafts Features
• Flexible moulding/modular
• Greater strength for a given weight.
• Speed in assembly, as opposed to on site build.
• Accuracy of build, and installation. Can provide a datum for builders to 
work to.
with precision during manufacture at client option.
• No dust painting required.
expensive mechanisms.
• Needs no direct supervision from site engineer, again saving man hours 
and expense.
• Base section can be waterproof at the factory.
• Option available to connect the building floor bar to the lift shaft 
• The manufacturing tolerances are small.
• The speed of installation.
• The shaft walls can be designed to carry slab and beam loads.
Are you looking for a Prefabricated steel elevator shaft to be installed in a building ?
These particular projects require the use of structures, which can be freestanding or they can be fitted onto the wall.
The lift structures can be installed both in new and existing buildings and they can be supplied suitable for indoors or outdoors environments.
Some of our structures advantages are:
Bespoke lift design. Each of our lift structures has a bespoke design to properly suit the lift equipment. Our engineers study case by case where the structure is going to be installed, the number of floors, environmental  conditions, and other specifications so we can offer a fully customized solution.
Flexibility and modular design. Our lifts can be supplied with structure or we can adapt them to the customer’s shaft or steel towers. Our freestanding modular structures can be provided with a wide range of finishes and can be clad with metal sheeting or laminated glass panels.
IMEM´s Lift structures accomplish the norms and regulations. They are certificated for its compression resistance capacity to both the dead weight and the variable loads exerted by the lift car and the structure. 
Safe and quick lift installation. Our lift structures are modular design and the highly detailed manuals and drawings we provide make our structures very easy to install and allow our customers to save time and money in the installation process.
light Commercial Construction Steel Elevator Shaft with steel frame
Installation of a traditional elevator can be tedious. "Stick-built" elevators first require a pit to be built and a hoistway constructed, either from wood, steel or concrete block. Elevator components are then brought on-site and assembled in the hoistway.
A modular elevator is a standard commercial elevator installed into a prefabricated structural steel hoistway. The welded steel hoistway structure fully contains the elevator car, rails, controls, and drive system inside. It is sheathed with materials to meet the building requirements. The modular elevator is then trucked to site and lifted by crane and set into place in the elevator pit. Once installed, it functions exactly like a stick-built elevator, and is serviced the same way.
Conventional elevator hoistways, constructed from cinder block, require much greater support. Heavy structures potentially require grade beams and/or caissons, increasing costs and build time.
Most modular elevator systems are self-supporting. The use of tubular structural steel means a lighter structure, which means smaller concrete pits. Not needing to rely on building structure for support also makes them an excellent choice for retrofit projects.
The old way of building an elevator is to build the shaft on a job site vertically, then assemble the numerous components inside the vertical shaft in less than optimal conditions. This dated method requires more time to build and is less safe.
Modular elevators are built under controlled factory conditions to meet strict quality and tolerance standards. This also eliminates the safety issues involved with erecting scaffolding and working outside subject to wind and other elements.
However, the steel elevator shaft can save time and can be installed in any weather. Also it have advantage of is fire-proof, heat/cold-insulation, non-shrinking and enlarge the work size and have little pollutions, we produce and install different kinds of light steel structure buildings which have a good framework. They are safe, easy to install and disassemble, also can be used multiple times without special tools. Special used in warehouse, workshop, temporary office, etc. We have an proffesional designing team and we can produce according to the customers' requirements.
Production information
These steel or aluminum elevator shafts are available in a wide range of clours and finishes. There are also multiple cladding options so the lift structure can be built to suit any environment, whatever the style and surroundings. 
As you would expect, our steel elevator shaft  comply with all Building Regulations and hold all appropriate accreditations. 
With our years of experience & in depth knowledge in this field, we are engaged in offering a quality-assured array of Lift Steel Structure. 

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