• Commercial construction steel elevator shaft Commercial construction steel elevator shaft

Commercial construction steel elevator shaft

  • Model Number : CCSES
  • Brand Name : SBS

SBS Lifts Limited offers an extensive range of steel lift shaft structures providing a flexible solution to accommodate the loads imposed by the lift equipment or combined with glass cladding to enhance the aesthetics of a building.
These steel or aluminum lift shafts are available in a wide range of clours and finishes. so it can apply in every environment.
As you would expect, our lift structures comply sit for all building regulations and hold all appropriate accreditations.
This aluminum lift shaft structure has a load rating up to 480 kg and is suitable both for interior and exterior environments. The shaft structure is constructed of extruded aluminum custom-cut vertical uprights with extruded aluminum adjustable horizontal cross beams.
The structure is allow the insertion of various glazing options, aluminum panels, stainless steel sheet panels or honeycomb sandwich panels. A reversible glazing bead allows the glazing or panels to be installed either flush with the interior wall or exterior wall.
Quick and easy assembly, can suit for range of profile sizes.Curved profile section vertical upright,Interior cladding without double wall. Whatmore,it can adjustable horizontal beams on all sides and beading gaskets for claddings.
Material Introduce:
Hot rolled ordinary joist steel, also called steel beam, is strip steel with I-shape section. Its section size is represented as waist height. Another tag method is type marked, that is, waist height showed as centimeters, such as 16#. I-shape steel with same height but different waist thickness and legs width different beams will be recognized with type on right side.
Hot rolled I-shape beams can be divided into common i-steel and light beams.
(1) Common i-steel
Main purpose: Ordinary beams are widely used in various building structures, Bridges, vehicles, support and machinery, etc.
(2) Light beams
Flange of common i-steel and light beams are gradually becoming thinner from root to the edge with certain angle. Compared with ordinary beams, hot rolling light beams has wider leg and thinner waist in same wait height conditions. Guaranteed the bearing capacity, the light beams have better stability, metal saving and better economic effect than ordinary beams.
Main use: The same with ordinary beams, it is mainly used in factories, Bridges and other large structures and vehicle manufacturing, etc.
Why Choose Us:
①Certified system for elevator shafts based on long-term experience
②Non-flammable material  for fire resistance
③Dry and quick assembly
④Formates according to customer requirements
⑤Minimum interference with existing load-bearing structure
⑥staircase flight and landing is minimal
⑦Simple surface finish (no need for cementing, grinding, plastering...)
⑧First-class modern appearance of the elevator shaft
Steel lift shaft structure suitable for installation on the inside or outside of the building (provided that the joints between the claddings are sealed after installation), comprising angle-section press-bent uprights and press-bent connection cross-beams (mobile on the door side), designed to be fitted with glass or steel plate panels (including honeycomb sandwich panels) mounted flush with the inside or outside of the structure (with no need for double cladding to provide a smooth, continuous wall on the door side). Available with open upright for narrow lift systems with machinery at rear. Available with kit for installation of hinged door facing the structure uprights .
Installing a new lift is in fact less of a hassle than many other renovation projects. We carry out thousands of retrofit lift installations around the world every year – quickly, smoothly, and with minimum disturbance to tenants and visitors. As each case is unique, we can recommend the most suitable solution to match the building architecture and customer's need of usage.
A retrofit lift increases the value of your property, makes your building more attractive to potential buyers and tenants, and improves accessibility.
A lift makes it easier for people to move safely around your building, allowing older residents to live at home for longer, and making access to upper floors easier for everyone.
An experienced partner, who can deliver a well-prepared plan, is a smart choice. Have your new lift installed hassle-free, on time and on budget. After testing and handover, we can recommend the right services to match your needs.
The right Commercial construction steel elevator shaft for your building - let's make it happen!

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