Top 5 Steel Structure Building Designs

If we talk about the best steel building structure design, then you will find steel structure China on top. Steel building structure is now being used in the construction projects widely. Because of the numerous benefits of steel, steel structures are known as the most preferred material all around the world. Steel building structure is the most flexible structures that can be used in the construction. All around the world, buildings or in the construction of large projects steel structures are widely being used, either they are residential buildings or bridges and industrial buildings. You can find many of the iconic structures in the world made of steel structures.


Best Steel structure building designs

So, if you want to know about the best steel structure building designs in the world, the following is the list of top 5.

•    Beijing National Stadium, Beijing

•    Empire State Building, New York

•    Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney

•    Burj Khalifa, Dubai

•    Brooklyn Bridge, New York


Beijing National Stadium, Beijing

Beijing National Stadium is known as one of the largest steel structures in the world. The architecture of Beijing National Stadium is so wonderful, more than 42,000 tons of steel was used in the construction of Beijing National Stadium. This stadium was the centerpiece of China in the Olympic games of the year 2018. Construction of Beijing National Stadium took 5 years to be completed.


Empire State Building, New York

Empire State Building is known as the most iconic building of the New York City. This building was constructed in the year 1931. The weight of the steel frame of the building was 57,000 tons. While the art deco exterior of the Empire State Building is composed of granite and limestone. 730 tons of stainless steel and aluminum is also used in the construction of art deco exterior. The most surprising thing about this Empire State Building is that it took just 13 months to complete. 


Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney

Sydney Harbor Bridge is an arc bridge and known as the world’s largest arc bridge too. But it is not the longest one. Sydney Harbor Bridge is known as the most internationally known symbol of Australia. 52,800 tons of steel is used in the manufacturing of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. While from this total amount 39,000 tons of steel was used in the arch. Sydney Harbor Bridge contains 49 meters wide deck which have eight traffic lanes. Two train lines and a footpath are also part of this huge bridge.


Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa is known as the world’s tallest structure that is manmade. The height of it is 829.8 meters. 31,400 metric tons of steel is used in the construction of Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa has 163 floors.


Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Brooklyn Bridge is another iconic building in New York. It is the first most bridge that has the steel wire suspension. Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1869.

These are some best steel structure building designs that can help you in realizing how strong steel building structure can be.







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