the maintenance of steel structure leakage system

Roof rainwater system is not set according to the standard overflow measures, rainstorm intensity than the rain system emissions capacity will be more than lap joints and even diffuse on the roof.
The number of water pipes is insufficient, the rain along the gutter flow distance. Wall outside the plate is not added L-shaped side pieces, resulting in hidden inside the gulf hidden trouble.
The specification of the deformation control value of the component, the purlin deflection L / 192, the roof beam deflection L / 196  the roof purlin section design is too small, under the wind load purlin and Pressure plate deformation will be too large.
Not fully consider the structural deformation, dry shrinkage deformation, vibration and other effects and fortification does not meet the needs of grass-roots deformation.
Door frame light housing roof slope should take 2/9 ~ 1/21, in the rain more areas should take one of the larger value. In the actual design project, many of the project roof slope is too small, the roof rain can not be discharged to the gutter in time.
Improper selection of materials
rain pipe with plastic pipe, steel structure plant from the installation to the production run easy to damage.
Not according to the slope of the roof to choose the appropriate lighting board plate and roof color plate type. 
Enclosure part of the color plate is too thin, the outer plate corrosion or deformation by the temperature and the gap between the plates increased.
Pressure plate substrate galvanized layer quality is not good, resulting in the use of pressure plate short easy to corrosion damage.
Buckle plate significantly deformed, adjacent two plates of the board height, spacing are different. Buckle pull nails should be waterproof pull nails.

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