Steel structure Roofing systems classification

Roof parts
Leakage reasons: roof crest is too high, the roof cover can not guarantee water. Vertical lap without clay or silica gel, the formation of cracks and leakage. Industrial steel buildings roof cover and the roof is not between the plug or the plug is not standardized and fall off the formation of leakage.
solution: the roof cover to do more another slope to find a big point. Replace the stitch, plug should match the plate and plug laying should be put up and down clay or silica gel.
Roof gas floor parts
Leakage reasons: gas floor and roof junctions are not placed under the bubble plug and the edge of the vertical lap is not laid with cement or silica gel. Roof outside the board in the air floor at the junction of the board. Gas floor structure pillar openings Did not do water treatment. gas floor production, installation of hidden water leakage.
solution: close should be installed before the installation of foam plugs, longitudinal lap must be set to glue or plug and stapler fixed. Gas floor must be installed before the roof board to pull. Request gas floor construction side in the air floor structure is completed Must be part of the hole for waterproofing. Air floor installation quality and water resistance to check.

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