Analysis on the Gutter of Steel Structure Maintenance System-1

First, the roof maintenance system gutter profile
Gutter is the necessary components of the roof drainage system, the gutter is mainly used to temporarily collect rain, through the water pipe in time to walk away. Try to use plug gutter, small size, but also when the eaves mouth trim. Color suitable, the installation of exquisite gutter and finishes undoubtedly to the entire project decorative effect considerably.
Second, the gutter production installation of the common problems
(A) steel gutter advantages and selection
In the large plant, the steel plate gutter steel is also a large part of the steel gutter also has its own advantages, the coastal area of ​​the wind load is generally relatively large. If the use of color plate gutter, under the action of a strong wind load, the color plate gutter is vulnerable, easy to lift off the wind suction, and steel plate gutter design of its durability also has a great impact, so Steel plate gutter design and selection can not be ignored.
The most commonly used gutter material is 1.2mm, 2mm or 2.5mm thick stainless steel; 3mm or 5mm thick galvanized steel; according to the importance of the building, the cost of other materials used in the level of comprehensive consideration. General civil building gutter depth of not less than 250mm, according to the bottom of the roof and the top of the roof of the roof to determine the reasonable, to consider the need for space gutter slope. First, to calculate whether the drainage can pass; Second, the commonly used trench plate width of 1.0m, 1.2m and 1.5m three specifications, as far as possible rational use of sheet metal, requiring high construction must The gutter is designed to be scalable.
(B) color board gutter junctions leaking water treatment
Gutter connect 100mm lap is tolerableness , lap joints with rivets, if you want to ensure that the gutter does not leak, then use waterproof plastic marked. The specific approach is to color plate gutter lap, apply two neutral silica gel (not the use of acidic glue and alkaline plastic, compatibility and durability with the color plate will have a problem), seal the location of each other from the mutual Then the edge of the two plates 10mm, and two waterproof rivets fixed overlapping parts. Each water resistant rivet center distance of 80mm, two phase error distribution, rivets should be played in the sealing line. Note that the rivet should be waterproof, should not be used in the middle of the pull through the rivet. After such a careful construction also appears to leak problems may be not playing silicone; rivets rust wear; pull rivets at the color steel plate steel rust; silicone failure. The main reason for the failure of silica gel is the ultraviolet radiation lead to polymer chain breakage, good silicone life in the steel building  should be very long.
(C) steel ditch sagging treatment
   When the steel gutter installation you will found that : due to the larger column and the gutter thickness is small, it will occur distortion phenomenon. The solution is:
    1. In the gutter under the length of the beam and do the support of the gutter to ensure that it will not sag, or below to do support. The best welding gutter, the middle from the slope of the larger, the installation, try to avoid walking in the gutter, so as not to scratch.
    2. With the combination of welding gutter, the middle of the gutter to the two ends of the arch from a certain slope can completely solve this problem, but the non-straight will result in increased processing costs of the gutter.
(D) gutter and water pipes
Steel gutter size and roof area and not much relationship, steel gutter height and purlins height consistent with it. The main or the number of rain pipe. The plumbing area of the rainwater pipe is generally not more than 180m2 of the water pipe area of 110mm diameter. The rest is based on this calculation. This will not appear in the ditch in the water overflow. If you need accurate values to be calculated according to the formula.

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