The Description of Steel Structure Construction Coating Process

    The environmental requirements: Ambient temperature should be in accordance with the coating product specification requirements, when not required product specifications, the ambient temperature should be between 5 ~ 38 ℃, relative humidity should not exceed 85%; while painting steel structure surface may not have condened , water, gas, etc.; they should be protected within four hours after the painting from the rain.

    Painting the construction process, the paint should be controlled viscosity, consistency, dilution, mixing should be against the system fully, so that the paint color, viscosity uniform. Adjust the viscosity must use special diluent, for substitute must be tested.

    Brushing passes and coating thickness should perform the design requirements specified; painting instructions intervals determined by a variety of paint products; When the first layer of paint brushing, brushing direction should be consistent, then hew neatly.


    After the installation of steel structures, anti-corrosion coatings second coating. Before painting, the first use emery cloth, electric wire brush, air compressors and other tools to clean and surface treatment of steel components, and then coating the damaged part and uncoated parts of painted up, and finally the secondary coating application in accordance with the design requirements specified.

    Finally, after the completion of the application, to do the self-test and professional inspection then recorded it. When the coating is defective and should be analyzed to determine the cause of the defect, timely repair. Repair methods and requirements and formal parts of the same coating. After the component coating and should be temporary containment isolation to prevent the stampede, damage the coating; does not want to touch the liquid acids prevent bites coating; When you need to transport, should prevent the bump, drag damage coatings.


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