Chinese National People's Congress: Vigorously Promote the Steel Structure Building System

    "Every new 10,000 square meters of construction will result in 400 to 600 tons of construction waste; and each demolition of 10,000 square meters of old buildings, resulting in more construction waste, reaching 5,000 to 7,000 tons." How to crack the difficulties of construction waste siege The National People's Congress on behalf of Lu Guiqing suggested that the building "to apply as well", not more than large, more wide, and vigorously promote the steel structure building system.


    Lu Guiqing suggested that to curb the excessive consumption of buildings and luxury consumption, adhere to the "apply as a good" principle, to prevent investors from building than "wide" than "big", a reasonable reduction in building resources consumption, from the source To reduce resource consumption. In addition, we should actively promote the green building system, the development of green buildings, green construction. Steel structure construction site can be "six no", that is, no wet work site, no scaffolding, no template, no welding, no construction waste, no dust operations, from the source to implement the construction waste "reduction, "The goal of an effective way to recommend vigorously promote the steel structure of the building system. At the same time, vigorously promote new technologies, new technology, promote the reusable production tools and working materials, reduce the trees, clay and other resources. Lu Guiqing also proposed the establishment of a professional construction waste recycling agencies, vigorously develop the circular economy, to achieve turning waste into treasure, to corrupt the odd goal.


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