The Examination of Steel Structure Construction Coating Process

    The Design requirements or requirements prohibit the construction process of steel structure components to prevent accidental paint coating, the coating must be carried out prior to masking. Such as anchor bolts and base plate, bolt joint surface with concrete or buried close to the site. Before opening the paint bucket, should be fully shake. After opening the bucket, original paint should not exist crust, agglomeration, gels and other phenomena, precipitation should be able to stir up, there should be rid of patent leather.


    Steel structure components in the transport, storage and installation process, the damaged coating should be painted up. Under normal circumstances, the factory produced only painted again after the primer, the other primer, intermediate coat, paint lifting at the installation site before painting, the last time after installation should finish painting; also have been installed in consultation with the production unit in the production units to complete primer, intermediate coat of paint, but still finish last again to finalize the installation unit. In this mode, the coating and installation damage at joints shall complement painted. Touch up the number of passes and the requirements should be the same as the original coating.


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