The advantage of the light steel structure in the building and its Process characteristics

In recent years the development of steel structure in construction structure has been rapid ascension. Door type steel structure is one of the building structure now, in mechanical point of view: it is like the general prestressed structure adjustment of steel beam and column stress condition, in order to reduce the deflection in the span .It belongs to the economy. New wall materials use a wide range of extensive use of lighting, ventilation conditions. Most of people misunderstand steel structure’s price which is a little high. Otherwise, steel structure residence usually reduce foundation price. That’s 30% cheaper than concrete buildings.


Components and parts are all automated, continuous, high-precision production, product specifications series, stereotyped, supporting technology. Each part is accurate. Easy to expand and provide greater column spacing separating space, and increased lower storey building area (residential salable area of up to 92%).


In the specific applications, gantry structure gradually highlights the various advantages, for example:

1.       avoid frame beam in the in-plane instability For general roof pitch smaller solid web frame, frame beams of the axial force is small, so the design without checking the in-plane stability bearing capacity of the beams, and the out-of-plane stability of the beam is guaranteed by purlin and knee brace. Beam of prestressed concrete rigid frame of door type surface stability are also guaranteed by purlin and knee brace.

2.       After using this structure, construction as a whole has the greater carrying capacity and prestress. Not only has a tensile steel cable internally, outside also can offset a large part of the vertical upward.


Practice proves that the gantry structure has great potential for development.


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