The characteristics of light steel structure and its recyclable effect

Light steel structure is a very young and viable steel structure system, with the following characteristics:


1.       Process characteristics

 Light steel structure is usually adopts Q345 and Q235 steel, and most are Q345 steel. Q345 steel as the most common and mature high strength low alloy steel structure, excellent performance, and good solderability.

Wide range of applications of new wall materials, with extensive use of daylighting, good ventilation conditions. Construction components and parts are all automated, continuous, high-precision production, product specifications series, stereotyped, supporting technology. Each part is accurate. Efficient lightweight thin-walled profiles, light weight, high strength, small footprint. Indoor plumbing is completely hidden electrical lines between the wall and the floor, flexible layout, easy to modify.


2. Cutting method

Gantry multi-head flame cutting is wing plate of the main cutting method, propylene, propane, LPG new class has gradually replaced the acetylene gas.

Web because the thickness is thinner, and is mostly wedge shape, usually adopt CNC plasma cutting method. Using oxygen plasma cutting method, cutting speed, cutting quality is good, but the requirement to the electrode consumption is higher.


3: The welding method

 Welding technology and production process depends on the set of h-beam, between web and flange of main welding seam, method for assembling, welding method and welding position. As the handpiece moves or the movement of the workpiece; the horizontal position or ship type position; single handpiece and double handpiece; single or double wire etc.


House can be relocated, all materials can be recycled, not cause waste and garbage, in line with the sustainable development strategy. Based on the above method does not work dry wet work, interior and other easy one place. Profiles after galvanizing, coating and corrosion beautiful appearance, helps to reduce the envelope and renovation costs. Structural design, detailed design, computer simulation is installed, factory-built, site installation and other smaller time difference simultaneously.




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