Steel structure development trend-3

Policy is expected to be introduced one after another


Since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the central government has vigorously advocated green and low-carbon development, vigorously developing green building and promoting industrialization of buildings has become an important task for the current development of the construction industry. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development clearly require that by 2020 green buildings account for more than 30% of the total newly-built buildings, and that energy consumption in construction, construction and use will approach or reach the level of developed countries at this stage.


At present Industry Research Institute released the "China Steel Structure Industry Market Outlook and Investment Planning Analysis Report" Analysis: China's steel structure in the energy, transportation, petrochemical, water conservancy, machinery, residential and urban construction has many typical examples of the promotion and application, But mainly to solve the large-span, towering, heavy-duty and light-duty enveloping systems that are difficult to be realized or more expensive for reinforced concrete buildings, and there is still much room for development.

On the basis of fully understanding the development and application of steel structure building supplier construction in our country, the competent department of government construction in our country should step up policy guidance and scientifically formulate a unified steel structure building supplier construction development plan and strictly implement it. Scientifically formulated and constantly revised the relevant technical standards and norms of order, thus regulating the steel construction market, so that there is law to follow, the rules to follow. At the same time, the government should formulate relevant policies and actively encourage and support the development of steel structures building supplier.

Steel structure workshop building is a kind of high-tech and complex structure, which put forward higher requirements for the people concerned with the steel structure building. In the past, the building structure of our country was dominated by the concrete structure and the masonry structure, while the steel structure building in our country developed relatively lately. Therefore, the people's familiarity with the traditional building structure is far better than the steel structure building. This led to the lack of professionals familiar with the steel structure of the building and understanding, can not do the task of building steel construction. In addition, at present, the teaching emphasis of colleges and universities in China is still placed on the concrete structure and the masonry structure, the content of the steel structure and the curriculum are few, and the knowledge of the steel structure textbook is outdated, lack of cutting-edge knowledge and technology, Talent is not conducive to the development of steel structures. Therefore, it is very necessary to strengthen professional training. The major colleges and universities in our country should change the teaching concept, emphasize the teaching of steel structure, increase the duration of the steel structure teaching course, introduce cutting-edge knowledge and technology into the contents of teaching materials, and enhance the professional knowledge of steel structure so as to promote the development of steel structure construction in our country.


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