Steel structure development trend-1

Compared with the traditional concrete, the steel structure workshop building has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness and good ductility, which will bring significant advantages to the structural performance, economic performance and environmental protection performance of the steel structure building. In particular, the advantages of environmental protection and our advocacy of building energy conservation and environmental protection coincide. With the strong support from the policy, the demand for residential steel structure workshop building for green building and affordable housing construction is increasing day by day. The residential steel structure industry is in the midst of the outbreak of power generation.


With the economic development and the rise of the construction industry, all walks of life have interlocking economic chains, and the needs of one side lead to the needs of the other side. Therefore, the current construction industry is also doing so. Under the condition of rapid development, The urgent needs of consumers also need us to build, but also take less time to complete, just the characteristics of the steel structure building on the show, but also in accordance with the current direction of environmental protection to drive, without undermining the ecological environment to promote Industrial development, because the current economic theme is named after the environmental protection, according to this route can be more convenient to move, but also can lead to more links to the industry, cited the startling approach to attract the world's attention, which is steel The theme of structural development.

Compared with the traditional concrete structure, the steel structure has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, short construction period, easy realization of industrialized production and standardized production, and is widely used in industrial buildings, civil buildings, Public buildings and bridge construction, these advantages and practicality of the comprehensive economic benefits generated by more and more for all investors agree. With the development of steel structure industry, the complete set of technology of steel structure residential building is also maturing. This provides a good technical support and favorable conditions for the large-scale development of steel structures building supplier. The development of China's steel structure construction is later than that of developed countries, and the application of steel structure construction lags behind that of developed countries. Because the cost of steel structure construction is slightly higher than that of concrete construction, and the steel structure construction itself has some defects, which limits the development and application of steel building construction to some extent. Therefore, China's steel structure construction is mainly used for large high-rise buildings And public buildings, less used in small residential buildings.


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