Construction scheme of prefabricated steel structure roof of steel structure net frame-1

Direction1Installation of skeleton (or purlin)

According to the different skeleton materials, construction tools are different. There are the following mechanical equipment: welding machine, grinding wheel cutting machine, profile cutting machine, angle grinder, pistol drill, power distribution plate, power line. Hose glue gun and hardware tools, etc.

Construction sequence of the project: component correction. →Rust removal. →Lofting number material. →Blanking forming. →Install welding.

Light steel such as steel access and C-section steel are used on the roof. Due to the bending and buckling of light steel during the transportation and stacking process by prefabricated building supplier, the straightening and leveling are performed first with on-site wrenches or manual corrections.

The skeleton material should be removed before the steel surface rust dust and rust fouling. This project prefabricated steel structure of the rust by hand and power tool combination. After cleaning work, should brush or spray antirust primer again.

According to the drawing size, the C section steel (or square pass) is cut into the required length by grinding wheel cutting machine, and then the frame is welded. The AC arc welder E43 series is used in the welding process. In order to prevent defects such as biting meat and welding head, welding with small current and small diameter welding rod 2.5-3.0 mm) is carried out, and auxiliary fixture and clamping are used to ensure the accuracy of the geometric dimension of the structure.


Prefabricated building supplier considers the frame of prefabricated steel structure should be detected and corrected by leveler and wire wire. The deformation should be controlled within the allowable range. The skeleton and the supporting tray surface should be welded together. The skeleton can be assembled and welded part of the skeleton, then carried to the support tray to weld firmly, or directly on the support tray, the skeleton in the same slope direction should be on one side.

After the skeleton is made and installed, the dust, iron and oil on the skeleton surface should be removed. According to the drawing requirements, the antirust paint shall be brushed again, and the antirust paint shall be thoroughly dried. For the metal skeleton of the precast steel roof, manual brushing and air spraying are generally used.

Painting work closely followed by the grid installation, keel installation, painting should be equipped with thermometers and thickness tester, paint in the field to use manual brush, should not leak, the best temperature for construction should be 5-30 degrees. Humidity is not more than 85. can not be brushed on rainy days. Brush should be applied at intervals of 12 hours, once can not brush too thick, prevent flow mark. Ventilation should be good during construction. In order to avoid the open fire, the precast steel structure purlin frame should be prepared in time in order to avoid the delay in the construction period.


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