A brief talk on the manufacture process and Code of Steel structure members-4

Direction5Transport, stacking of steel structures
(1)Transport of steel structures

For the steel structure shipped, if the single piece is more than 3t, the paint mark should be used to mark the position of weight and center of gravity in the visible part, so as not to damage the steel structure building during the loading, unloading and lifting process; Joint plate, high strength bolt connection surface and other important parts should have appropriate protection measures. Scattered parts shall be bunched or packed according to the same type of bolts and wires. Transportation of large or heavy steel structures shall be based on the route, performance of the transport vehicle, and condition of the wharf. Transport ships to prepare transport plans. In the transport plan, we should pay attention to the hoisting project stacking conditions, time requirements to prepare the transport sequence of the steel structure. Transport steel structure The vehicle should be selected according to the length of the steel structure and the shape of the weight section. At the fulcrum of the steel structure on the transport vehicle, the length of the extension at both ends and the binding method should be ensured that the steel structure does not produce permanent deformation and does not damage the coating. The lifting of the steel structure must be carried out according to the design of the lifting point, not at will.


(2)Stacking of steel structures

The steel structure building should generally be stacked in the yard of the factory and in the site. The steel structure should be stoned, without puddles, ice and ground level and dry, and should be drained smoothly and have better drainage facilities. At the same time, there is a loop in and out of the vehicle. The steel structure should be divided into areas according to the type, type and installation sequence, and vertical signs should be inserted. The bottom gasket of the steel structure should have sufficient supporting surface, and no large amount of settlement should be allowed. The height of stacking should be based on calculation, taking the lowest steel structure without permanent deformation as standard, it must not be piled up at will. Steel structure products shall not be placed directly on the ground, but should be padded up to 200mm. in the stack, it is found that If a steel structure is unqualified for deformation, it shall be strictly inspected, corrected, and then stacked. The unqualified deformed steel structure shall not be stacked in a qualified steel structure. Otherwise, it will greatly affect the installation progress. For the steel structures that have been stacked, we should send special personnel to collect information, establish a perfect dynamic management of the factory, and strictly prohibit random flipping. Disorderly move. At the same time, the stacked steel structure should be properly protected from the wind and rain. Different types of steel structures are generally not stacked together. Steel structures of the same project should be stacked in the same area for easy loading and transportation.



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