• Special steel truss Special steel truss

Special steel truss

  • Model Number : SST
  • Brand Name : SBS

Steel Framework componented with H-Column, H-Beam and C/Z-Purlin. The part main connected method is welding, bolted.Surface treatment: Painting, Galvanized
Scottsdale's truss fabrication system has both residential and commercial capability.
The truss technology uses a patented top hat profile and an engineered bolted connection.
The truss technology is fully engineered and can produce roof trusses and floor joist trusses.
Steel is a Superior Construction Material
Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material
100% recyclable :Steel is 100 percent recyclable.  Each year, nearly 68.7 percent of all steel scrap is North America is recycled 
Non-combustible - does not burn and will not contribute fuel to the spread of a fire
Inorganic - will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep
Dimensionally stable - does not expand or contract with moisture content
Consistent material quality - produced in strict accordance with national standards, no regional variations
Steel framed structures stay straight and true and do not expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes.  This means that door and windows openings framed with steel remain stable and this saves on energy costs. 
Cold-formed steel has the highest strength-to-weight-ratio of any structural building material. As a result steel projects can be built with fewer materials
1. Quality standard
 ISO9001:2000, SGS certification
Code for design of steel structure: GB 50017-2003
Technical code of cold-formed thin-wall steel structure: GB50018-2002
Construction quality acceptance of steel: GB50205-2001
Code for design, construction and acceptance of high strength for steel structure, JGJ82-91
Technical specification for welding of steel structure building: JGJ 81-2002
Specifications for design and construction of steel panel: YBJ 216-88
2. Material grade and performance of steel
Carbon structural steel: Q235, Q345, etc.
High-strength low-alloy structural steel
High quality carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel
Special purpose steel
3. Main equipment is 10 burner CNC cutting machine,gantry submerged arc welding machine,electro slag welding machine,8-head shot blasting machine,corrugated sheet molding machine,punching machine,drilling machine,forging machine ect.
Why use steel trusses?
①Steel trusses are stronger than wood trusses.
②Steel trusses won't burn or rot and they have a coating that will last for years to come.
③Steel trusses are also easier to install.
④Steel trusses are generally cheaper due to less components needed.
⑤Steel trusses allow higher clearance on the gable ends.
⑥Steel trusses are built in halves and bolted together in halves so this also makes them easier to ship.
⑦Steel provides a number of benefits to the consumer including
⑧High strength results in safer structures, less maintenance and slower aging of structure
⑨Fire safety
⑩Not vulnerable to termites
⑪No additional preservative chemicals are required over and above the galvanising process to treat steel, unlike the treatment of timber
⑫Not vulnerable to any type of fungi or organism
⑬Less probability of foundation problems - 5 times lighter than wood which results in less movement
⑭Less probability of damage in an earthquake - lighter structure with stronger connections results in less seismic force
⑮Less probability of damage in high winds - stronger connections, rivetted and screwed versus nailed
Steel-concrete composite structural members—such as beams, columns and slabs—are widely used in modern civil engineering structures . 
The Truss Fabrication System produces fully engineered bolted steel trusses and floor joists.
These steel construction technologies have been developed for the residential & light commercial markets taking account of operational & economic realities, such as the impracticality of transporting wall frames & roof trusses any distance from the point of manufacture. This means low cost steel rollformers and production rates suitable for 2 to 4 man teams manufacturing & fabricating light gauge stee.
Our steel structure technologies which realize super long span and super high rise structures. They are based on our world-class raw material technology fostered by our steel making business, and it enables us to execute any process from structural design to fabrication and construction work reliably.
“Special steel structure technology” is used to construct beautiful and dynamic large spaces, such as soccer stadiums and other types of athletic event space.
We carry out everything from structural design to fabrication and construction work, utilizing the unique technology making and using steel.
Our excellent structural design and construction technology realize super high-rise building that are full of functional beauty.
Our spirit of innovation-which can be seen in our many achievements in Japan and overseas-is highly appraised.

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