Solution Of Torsional Shear High Strength Bolt

Material introduction

Torsional shear type high strength bolt




Bolts, nuts and washers shall be attached with quality certificates and shall meet the design requirements and national standards.




The high-strength bolts shall be stored according to the classification of specifications and shall be rainproof and moisture-proof. If bolts and nuts are not matched and threads are damaged, they shall not be used. If the bolts, nuts and washers are rusted, the shaft force shall be checked by sampling, and they can only be used after meeting the requirements. Bolts, etc. shall not be stained with mud or oil, and shall be kept clean and dry. It must be used in the same batch according to the batch number. It is not allowed to mix or mix.





Main machines and tools: electric torque wrench and controller, manual torque wrench, manual wrench, wire brush, tool bag, etc.



Operating conditions:

1.Friction surface treatment: the friction surface shall be treated by sand blasting, grinding wheel and other methods, and the friction coefficient shall meet the design requirements(Generally, Q235 steel is more than 0.45 and 16 manganese steel is more than 0.55). Residual oxide scale is allowed on the friction surface wood,After treatment, the friction surface can generate red rust surface and then install the bolt (generally stored in the open for about 10 days). The friction surface treated by sand blasting can be installed without rust.When the grinding wheel is used for grinding, the grinding range shall not be less than 4 times of the bolt diameter, the grinding direction shall be vertical to the stress direction, and the friction surface after grinding shall be free of obvious unevenness.The friction surface shall be prevented from being polluted by oil or paint, etc., and the polluted surface shall be cleaned thoroughly.

2.Check the hole size of bolt hole, and remove the burr on the hole edge.

3.Bolts, nuts and washers of the same batch and specification shall be packed for use.

4.Electric spanner and manual spanner shall be calibrated.


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