Prefabricated Steel Sheep Yard Solution

For decades, we have provided high-quality steel prefabricated agricultural buildings for farmers, ranchers, businessmen, daily life, horse enthusiasts, aviation enthusiasts, etc. Our buildings are easy to assemble and can withstand the weather and insects,Our buildings are very popular among cattle farmers because steel structures will provide safe and protected housing for cattle and livestock at affordable prices. Our steel prefabricated agricultural buildings are designed to be easy to adjust. If you live in a cold climate, our steel structure can be easily insulated to keep livestock and farm workers warm in winter.




Steel prefabricated agricultural buildings are very popular among farmers, herdsmen, ranchers and other workers in the agricultural field because steel is an extremely safe and durable material. Steel buildings are hated by all the animals and parasites that invade wooden buildings.




Every farmer has his own concerns about his agricultural business. Some tend to crops, while others tend to livestock. A suite that can be selected from a metal barn suite enhances the business, eliminating the need for ancillary buildings to save significant costs. Due to the different sizes of our steel warehouses, this provides a good opportunity for farmers to customize their farmhouses to meet their specific needs. Most farmers engaged in any type of agricultural operation need ancillary buildings. They may vary in size, but they most often need a barn, and for a variety of reasons, the best choice is a metal barn. The installation of steel silos has many advantages, whether it is to add new assets to the property or to replace existing silos.




Design strength






Material introduction

PVC waterfall pipe

PVC pipe UPVC pipe is the first plastic pipe developed and applied, which is extruded by hot pressing method after PVC resin is combined with stabilizer and lubricant.


The PVC drainage pipe is light and convenient for construction. The proportion of the PVC drainage pipe is about 1.4t/m3, only 1 / 5 of the cast iron pipe. The plastic pipe of the same length is much lighter than the cast iron pipe. During the installation, only manual handling is required. Moreover, the socket type solution adhesive joint is used for the PVC drainage pipe. At the same time, its standard length (6m, 4m) is longer than the cast iron pipe, reducing the number of joints and the installation process.




Good drainage performance:The diameter of PVC drainage pipe can be smaller than that of cast iron pipe, or the same diameter can be used with a smaller gradient as far as possible within the scope permitted by the specification, which can increase the clear height of the space, be more beneficial to the users, and enhance the use function of the building.




Economy and beauty:PVC drainage pipe is usually white on the outer wall, and does not need to be painted with red lead, silver powder and other anti-corrosion treatment. There is no such problem as corrosion and falling off of the outer wall of cast iron pipe. When it is concealed into the pipe well, it does not need frequent maintenance and care. The advantages of open installation are more significant than that of cast iron pipe: easy to clean, less visual effect is hindered, people's life and working environment are greatly improved, and buildings are also convenient Industry management.




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