• Prefabricated steel scaffolding Prefabricated steel scaffolding

Prefabricated steel scaffolding

  • Model Number : PSC
  • Brand Name : SBS

According to the cross section shape, it can be divided into round, square, rectangular and special type. It is divided into seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe by production process . There are hot rolling and cold rolling (drawing) two kinds of the seamless steel pipe. For welded steel pipe, there are straight seam welded steel pipe and spiral seam welded steel pipe.
Features & Benefits
Multi-directional aluminum alloy scaffold. there is no high limitted. Therefore, it is more flixible than portal frame scaffold and suit for any complex engineering condition.
Easy to handle
The whole system requires no extra tools or loose fittings for its setup . An aerial platform of 20m can be easily assembled by two persons within a short time. The whole process is as easy as toy bricks game.
prefabricated steel scaffolding
There are hundreds of durable prefabricated Metal Buildings to choose from. Or select a custom built steel building; size, shape, color, materials, every aspect to the last detail custom made to fit your requirements. All Austin Mohawk Buildings are attractive, durable and affordable. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA for maximum functionality and rugged good looks. Fast turnaround and delivery, too. Choose from a large selection of prefab models or ask our professional team to build you something unique.
Tested Strength and Safety
With new cold-work technique of inexpand and out-compress, the joints are distributed with 4100-4400kg. Each deck can take 272kg and the complete tower 900kg.
 It can be used in many ways to suit different work environments.
Long Lifespan
All Aluminum components are anodized with cast interlocks which provides itself a life is more than 10 years .
We employ reusable components, custom designed by Safespan’s experienced in-house structural engineering staff to meet individual project requirements. Everything you need is included in the project package. Platform installation, redeployment and removal proceed quickly with minimal traffic disruption. This arrangement not only contains dust and debris to meet environmental regulations, but also protects your crews and equipment from inclement weather, allowing work to continue in otherwise adverse conditions. It enables maximum air flow for ventilation, heating and cooling.
This unique system offers the strength and durability of galvanized steel with the productivity associated with light alloy systems. The system was designed with the user in mind for general industrial, commercial and residential construction, as well as for bridges and other steel structure applications. It offers solutions for all types of scaffolding requirements, from light to heavy duty access, and various falsework applications – outdoors or indoors. The only tools required for assembly are a hammer and level!

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