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It is not easy to start a business. The owner will need land and a building to establish themselves. Many contractors and months later, they will have the space they need. Once they decide to expand, they will need more buildings and the process starts all over again. There is an easier way to achieve your ideal space, it is time to partner up with one of the best steel structure fabricators. We are talking about Foshan Sheng Bang Steel Structure, SBS for short.

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SBS’ products are not limited to buildings, they offer a broad variety of solutions for every need.


SBS is aware of the client’s needs. One of the products developed by the company is the steel structure hangar. Creating the perfect hangar is not an easy task. SBS’ team of engineers developed a steel structure hangar to satisfy the basic needs. They proceeded to improve that model to make it stronger.

Sturdiness, free floor space and resistance are some of the characteristics of these structures. This steel structure works and resist on any extreme weather condition. The wind or the snow will not affect the structure. An aluminum compound keeps the structures from rusting. Earthquakes and fires are not a problem either. The steel structure works through this incidents without a problem.

High Quality AndEco-Friendly

Construction is a field with a big carbon foot print. Engineers have been trying for years to find solutions that are environmentally responsible but high quality. In that sense, SBS is proud to announce they are building the future with their eco-friendly structures. SBS are not only the best structural steel fabricators, they are the best option for the planet as well.

SBS received the ISO 9001 certificate for quality management system.


The environmental impact is not the only advantage a prefabricated steel structure hangar has to offer. Before building, it is necessary to do some research to find the best contractors. When you choose SBS, all this research is unnecessary, they will adapt their products to your needs

The structure will take between 20 and 45 days to arrive from the factory in China. The building process is fast and it reduces the costs drastically. These structures are easy to assemble and SBS has a team of experts ready to do it. SBS takes care of the crew, another way to reduce costs.

A building is designed with a specific purpose and changing the distribution will be challenging once it is done. Prefabricated structures will adapt to different purposes. It could be a hangar for planes, helicopters but also it could turn into a storage unit or even a supermarket.

Clients with special requests can contact SBS to discuss the project. A team of engineers will design the perfect structure for every need. SBS as one of the steel structure fabricators guarantees the client’s satisfaction.

SBS is building the future one structure at the time. For the best prefabricated structures and solutions for your business, contact the SBS team.


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