SBS: The Best Way To Get A Prefabricated Steel Structure

Foshan Sheng Bang Steel Structure also known as SBS is ready to build the future. SBS’ goal is to improve the construction industry with a variety of prefabricated steel structure that are environmental friendly.

A prefabricated steel structure offer many advantages. It is cheaper and easier to acquire the SBS products than building a structure the traditional way. These new structures may look complicated but SBS has a construction team that will take care of the project.

If you are interested on a prefabricated steel structure, this guide will show you how easy it is to get one.


Step One: Project Discussion

SBS has many structures in stock and ready to go but a previous discussion is necessary. On this stage the client will list their specific needs and requirements. Based on that information, the engineers will proceed to design the first drawings of the project. Not all the structures are the same. For example, a prefabricated warehouse in a dry city doesn’t need protection against snow.

Beside the design, the client will receive the budget and quote for the entire project. SBS will be in charge of everything, from designing and shipping to assembling the prefabricated warehouse.

Step Two: Approval

Soon after the client receives the quote and design, they must approve it. The SBS team is prepared to make any modifications the client may require. At this point, all the parts involved must be satisfied with the designs. Once the client is ready, they will sign the contracts and documentations necessary.

Every part of the project must be approved before the final drawings that will go to the shop.

Step Three: Manufacturing And Transportation

With the drawings, the manufacturing process will start. All the pieces necessary will be ready to ship. The transportation and shipping process may take between 20 and 45 days.Prefabricated work means pieces ready to assemble. The prefabricated warehouse is ready to be built, no other process will be necessary.

Step Four: Installation

Once the entire prefabricated warehouse arrives to the destination, it will be arranged to assemble. First, the ground and foundation must be prepared. SBS has a construction team that will look over the process. An engineer trained by SBS will be in charge of the guidance. He will supervise every step of the process so the final product is up to SBS standards.

The installation process will take place wherever the client decides. The construction team will leave once the installation is finished.


SBS is the best partner for any company that is trying to build for the first time or wish to expand. Any of the prefabricated steel structure will adapt to the client’s needs. The building process will be handled by trained professionals. Because the structure is ready, the construction process is fast which translates into a cost reduction.

Prefabricated work is the first step into a more efficient industry. For any construction project, team up with SBS, reach out to the team and prepare to build your future.


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