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Steel Structure Fabricators

Steel Structure Fabricators are of importance if someone is in the business of steel structures. The process involves molding the steel in different shapes through various steps and methods. It is a skill that is professionally available at Sheng Bang Steel (SBS) and it is used in the most suitable manner in order to make the steel perfect for installation. Cutting, burning, welding, joining, breaking and every other process that is necessary for making the steel in the desired shape, quality, style, and size is applied at our facility and the machinery and operators are highly trained and experienced persons. So the quality of steel is going to be without any doubt and any demand made by the client is going to be met with full precision and the client is always satisfied with our steel delivered in their products.

Steel Structure Hangar

Steel Structure Hangar is a very important and feasible facility which not only provides the parking space for airplanes and helicopters, but they can also work as a place where maintenance for the aircraft can be carried out. Aircraft hangars are a very important item for every airport and they need to be built very precisely in order to fulfill the responsibilities for which they are constructed. Sheng Bang Steel (SBS) has been working in this field and it has a vast variety of hangars to offer you for your aircraft. We provide Steel Structure Hangars in multiple designs, shapes and sizes which serve their purpose in the best way. Providing in 45 days maximum, our structure has steel of best quality and variety. Circular and square tubes, I, C, Z and H sections are available for the structure. With strong concrete foundation and sandwich panel roofs, our structures can have many other features on demand while the best quality is maintained at all times.

Steel Structure Workshop

We also deal in Steel Structure Workshop used all over the world for different purposes. Our products contain all the features important for a Steel Structure Workshop. They have durability, the strength to withstand snow, storms, earthquakes, extreme temperatures and other climates. Their construction is very sound and can hold a lot of material under their roof. Engineers put their best input in making a single structure. Evert structure is built with special care and it is tried to be completed in the least time possible. Steel of best quality is used in the construction and concrete base is provided to the structure. The walls are designed to be temperature constant and the steel used is of a vast variety and the perfect type of beam is selected for every place in the whole structure. H, I, C, Z sections are used selectively in the structure which makes it even stronger and reliable. The roof can be added with another layer on demand of the customer with aluminum or steel depending on the need of the client. Our quality is best and our unit standing in Indonesia is a big evidence for our claim.


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