Light steel integrated housing applications at home and abroad and the status of technology

Light steel integrated housing applications

Since the reform and opening up, the income level of Chinese peasants has risen sharply. The simple dream of "making big houses with money" is also being implemented one by one. One inter-adobe room was pushed down, instead of a block of spacious large brick houses, pay attention to some strength and others have built a concrete home. Later, in 1997, China's steel production reached 100 million tons. In 1998, it started rolling and producing H-beam series. Relevant standards and standards were introduced to create a good material foundation for the steel structure. After that, all kinds of steel structures have mushroomed in every corner of China. However, in the rural areas, there is very little steel structure residential buildings. It seems that most peasants still recognize brick and concrete houses and concrete houses. When renovating or building their own houses, they still choose both. As for steel houses - that What is it?


At present, there are generally no architects involved in the construction of houses in rural areas. There are very few formal construction plans for building houses, and construction is based on experience alone. No energy conservation, unstructured land, unsuitable, unsightly, uneconomical, unsafe construction quality and low disaster resilience, Structure of the safety, reliability, so that the quality of housing can not be guaranteed.


Resulting in the quality of residential housing project risks and serious accidents occur for many reasons, first of all building materials market is quite chaotic, substandard, non-standard, low-quality products, the impact of the entire building materials market. According to statistics from relevant departments, the material passing through the construction market is less than 40%. But fundamentally it does not pay attention to the quality of the project. In particular, the peasant masses lack knowledge of construction knowledge and laws and regulations, and they allow the illegal construction team to find fault with the contract and hurriedly sign the "contract." These construction teams are poor in quality and most do not understand the construction of the building , But also can not solve the problems that may arise in the construction at any time.




In Japan, there are about 200,000 low-rise residential buildings newly built each year, and the building area is about 3 million square meters. Most of them are steel structure houses, especially those with light steel structures. Light Steel Structured Assembled Housing After the 1995 Kobe earthquake spread in Japan, especially after the Kobe earthquake in 1995, the epicenter Hyogo Prefecture implemented the "Phoenix" plan, requiring buildings to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake. The Japanese government put forward the "zero death" plan. Therefore, a variety of advanced earthquake-resistant means such as light-weight steel and light-weight materials are widely used, and all vintage buildings are reinforced with light-weight steel frames of different shapes. Japan, the industrialization of large-scale production of residential manufacturers currently have 7-8.Sheng Bang Steel Co., Ltd. mainly produces steel structure warehouse, factory buildings, hangars and other steel structures.



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