Integrated housing construction introduction

What will integrated housing or Light Steel Structure Villa bring to our life?

Traditional urban construction, high energy consumption and high pollution in the construction process, heating and cooling energy consumption. Integrated housing, from the use of environmentally friendly materials to the site of the dry operation of the whole construction process Low-carbon energy saving, can reduce 90% of timber consumption, reduce 90% of construction waste, saving 90% of construction water, saving 35% of electricity consumption. Similarly, the ultra-low energy consumption of integrated houses reduces the operational energy consumption of houses through the excellent thermal insulation of the structural system itself, and the efficient construction of energy sources through the supply and heating of new energy systems.


In addition, integrated house insulation performance, warm in winter and cool in summer. This is the standard for a healthy and comfortable home.


Factory-style, assembly, leading the "residential industrialization" trend


Integrate houses, assemble houses like cars ... A new model of home-building samples is overturning the traditional perception of housing construction.


Traditional buildings, the construction of a two-story villa of 400 square meters of construction period of about 6 months. Influenced by the climate, winter, rainy season can not be constructed, slow and inefficient. Integrated housing it? The construction of a two-storey 400-square-meter villa will take only two weeks to assemble on-site, with a total delivery of two months, including basic construction, main installation, interior and municipal connections. Prefabricated assembly rate of 90% or more, saving 60% on-site labor costs, shorten the 2/3 construction cycle, increase 2 times the capital turnover. Affected by the climate is small, fast, high efficiency.


Light steel integrated housing applications at home and abroad and the status of technology




United Kingdom


After World War II, in order to solve the problem of housing shortage, Britain, like other European countries, adopted an industrialized approach to building a large number of dwellings. After the 1960s and 1970s, there was a diversified trend in the structural system of dwellings: timber, steel and reinforced concrete Structure and so on. In 1998, the report of "Reflection on Construction Production" put forward the following goals through building new product development, intensified organization and industrialized production: 10% reduction in cost; 10% reduction in time and 20% increase in predictability; Defective rate 20% lower; accident rate reduced by 20%; labor productivity increased by 10%; and finally realized a 10% increase in output value.




As early as the 1960s, Australia put forward the concept of "quick installation of prefabricated houses". However, due to the immature market, Australia did not develop well.


By 1987, the appearance of high-strength cold-formed thin-walled steel structures appeared in Australia and New Zealand's joint specification AS / NZS4600 cold-formed steel specification was released in 1996.


This steel bearing capacity just, compared with the same carrying capacity of wood, only 1/3 the weight of wood, the surface galvanized, in the case of surface-free overhaul, durability of up to 75y. In addition, he developed a system called the Rapiwall, an intermediate hollowed-out panel that was finished at the time of manufacture at the factory and consisted mainly of gypsum board, fiberglass and water-based polyester Such as a mixture of weight 38kg / ㎡. Standard board size is 13m long * 2.85m wide * 12mm thick. It can also be cut into any combination of length and height. In which hollow concrete pouring, you can play a better fire, sound insulation, heat effect. He can be used inside and outside the wall.Sheng Bang Steel Co., Ltd. mainly produces steel structure warehouse, factory buildings, hangars and other steel structures.


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