After nineteen building industry development trend

Looking to 2017, many "big days" are drawing attention. The 19th Congress is expected to be held. The "One Belt and Road" international cooperation summit to be held by China is closely linked to the development of the construction industry. This year, the main tone of reform, transformation and development of China's construction industry will not change. The goal of promoting the healthy development of the industry will not change. However, how to follow the policy of the construction industry policy to explore opportunities for development? Steel structure Duilding can dial the fog, explore the direction of development? 
Assembled buildings will be overwhelming
2016 will be an extraordinary year for the industrialization of the construction industry. As a fundamental turning point for the sustainable development of the construction industry, the prefabricated building, as a turning point in the industrialization towards the industrialization, has continuously ushered in the policy. The related development goals of the prefabricated buildings have been set at the national level and throughout the country. Policy, increase support.
At the beginning of last year, the State Council issued Several Opinions on Further Strengthening the Management of Urban Planning and Construction clearly stated that the government should vigorously promote the assembly-type buildings such as steel structure warehouses and steel structure hangars to build national assembly-type building production bases and increase policy support Efforts will be made to strive for a period of 10 years, bringing the proportion of fabricated buildings to new construction to 30%. According to the Outline on Industrialization of Buildings, by 2020, the proportion of fabricated buildings in new buildings will reach 20%; by 2025, the proportion will reach 50% or more. Subsequently, prefabricated building projects were sprung up around the country. After the New Year's Day in 2017, many provinces and cities immediately introduced policies related to fabricated buildings. Assembled buildings may usher in a big explosion in recent years. Construction enterprises should seize market opportunities and choose to enter and open the market as soon as possible according to their own situations. 
Benefit from "Belt and Road", International Project Bred New Machine
Over the past three years since the initiative of "One Belt and One Road" was put forward, more than 100 countries and international organizations have responded positively and more than 40 countries and international organizations have signed cooperation agreements with China. Chinese enterprises have invested over 50 billion U.S. dollars in countries along the line, The launching of a series of major projects has led to the economic development of various countries and created a large number of employment opportunities.
With the slowdown in the growth of overall domestic investment and the expansion of foreign markets as an inevitable trend in the development of construction enterprises, the "Belt and Road" policy provides an opportunity for enterprises to go abroad.
From January to October last year, the contracted volume of newly contracted projects in China reached 165.52 billion U.S. dollars, up 11.1% over the same period of the previous year. The newly signed contracts of 61.36 billion U.S. dollars in 61 countries along the "One Belt and Road" pattern accounted for a new portion of China's foreign contracted projects 51% of contract value.
The dividend policy of "One Belt and One Road" will be further revealed this year. In May, the "Belt and Road Initiative" International Cooperation Summit will be held in Beijing to discuss cooperation plans and build a cooperation platform. Chinese construction enterprises should seize this opportunity to create new glories.

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