Integrated housing steel structure construction introduction

The integrated house (such as Integrated housing steel structure construction) consists of structural system, ground system, floor system, wall system and roof system. Each system consists of several unit modules. The unit modules are manufactured at the factory and the house is assembled by the unit modules. The integrated house is removable, removable and does not damage the land. Realizes the transformation of the "real estate" property of houses to the property of "movable property" for thousands of years and realizes the complete separation of real estate and real estate for thousands of years.

Integrated housing site construction period is 10% -30% of the traditional mode of construction. The quality of the integrated house is more refined, enabling a shift from the centimeter-class error of the traditional architectural model to the millimeter-level error made by the mill.

Integrated house (also known as movable or removable housing many times), was born in the late 1950s. Its main concept is to quickly assemble a building mode known as a house by prefabrication of walls, roofing, etc., in accordance with design requirements, to process the load-bearing structure represented by the steel structure.

Integrated house features

It is characterized by a specialized design, standardization, modular, universal production, easy to demolition, easy installation, convenient transportation, storage, can be reused many times, working in a temporary or long-term nature of the house.

Integrated house use

It is widely used in temporary offices and dormitories of construction sites; large-scale field exploration and field work construction of transportation, water conservancy, petroleum and natural gas; temporary use of urban offices, civil settlements and exhibitions; leisure villas and holiday houses in tourist areas; Disaster relief and so on.

After nearly 50 years of development, the scale of development in the markets of Europe, the United States and Japan and the industry concentration have reached a high level. Japan formed a large-scale housing group and the East China Sea housing as a whole and folding houses, Europe and the United States to form a common -ality equipment company in the United States GE, France ALGECO, Germany ALHO, Japan's Yangtze River as the representative of steel construction box-type mobile homes.China was also gradually applied in the 1970s. In the late 1990s, some enterprises saw that the application of integrated houses in the future will gradually expand and may have a revolutionary impact. Starting from the simple manufacture of movable houses to the production of long-term residences The overall residential transformation. In mainland China has produced more technology-scale integrated house manufacturing company, its products with low prices, energy saving, environmental protection and other superior performance, has been exported to all over the world. There are also several domestic enterprises that are leading R & D, production and construction in the area of ​​integrated housing. However, most small-scale enterprises lack professionalization and the new phenomenon of lowering the price line is obvious. In the meantime, since our country has not yet perfected relevant rules in this respect, the situation of their own fighting against each other will inevitably affect the promotion and application.


Low-carbon, environmental protection, to achieve "green and healthy" life


Seismic efficient, low-carbon environmental protection, ultra-low energy consumption, healthy and comfortable ... ... set these green energy advantages in a Heng tai integrated housing will achieve people's "green and healthy" life dream. Away from the earthquake. Our traditional buildings, according to the different seismic levels will be different, and integrated seismic fortification intensity of 8 degrees.


Low carbon and environmental protection, reflected in the materials used in integrated housing. The integrated housing main materials are non-flammable materials, fire seismic, safe, reliable, long life, corrosion-resistant. Light steel keel, with high strength, light weight, anti-corrosion and other advantages. Rockwool is a kind of high quality international standard material with the best basalt, dolomite and diabase as the main raw material. It is made of high-temperature melt blown blown fiber. It has the characteristics of good thermal insulation, no water absorption, anti-aging High degree of fire protection advantages of higher level. Calcium silicate board, cement, quartz sand, fly ash as the main raw material, by molding, accelerated curing reaction in high temperature and high pressure saturated steam to form calcium silicate gel and made of sheet. Calcium silicate board, calcium silicate board substrate by acrylic roll coating or showering process, UV fluorocarbon transfer film or roll coating process can be made of decorative effect decorative plate, decorative effect is diverse, to meet different countries Architectural style requirements, durability is good.Sheng Bang Steel Co., Ltd. mainly produces steel structure warehouse, factory buildings, hangars and other steel structures.


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