Steel lifting technology and lifting program for steel structure building-2

Fifth-- Steel lifting construction safety requirements for the lifting program of  steel structure building

First, civilized construction

1. to comply with the site safety regulations, access to the site must bring a safety helmet, non-smoking.

2. stacking components, neat and orderly welding machine, spare oxygen, acetylene bottles into a special cage, placed separately.

3. on-site security staff, firefighters.

4. to maintain on-site health.

5. all the construction site workers obey the command, words and deeds of civilization.

Second, safety technical measures

1. the transport of components

①. when loading with a large pad wood 10X10 wooden pad will be stable, and with 2t chain back and forth two sealed prison.

②. loading, the overall height of less than 4m.

③. driving speed ≤40 km / h, turning or uneven road ≤20 km / h.

④. components and rope contact, with rubber padded.

⑤. loading, the car should be placed in the middle of the car, before and after the 2t chain with the prison (shipped at the time of the closure of three), all components of the transport process should always check the components sealed rope, the case of chain, To deal with the problem in time.

⑥. because this has a long member, to transport at night, transport safety before the end of the diploma, require special transport in charge of transportation. Ask the company to send a full-time security officer. Transport vehicles to be installed to show width lights, a car before the road, after a pressure delivery. And to negotiate with the transport sector specific time and routes to ensure smooth traffic.

2. structural installation and construction technology and measures

①. the verticality of the column: the column perpendicular to the two cross-sections of the pre-painted on the centerline, and then from two mutually perpendicular direction of the two theodolite calibration.

②. column centerline alignment axis: retest based on the basic center line pop-up, and in the column also draws the center line, the installation of the first section of the column center line coincides with the center of the corresponding coincidence .

3. finished product protection

①. transport components, according to the length of steel components, the weight of vehicles, steel components used in the transport of the three fulcrum (with road wood).

②. Steel components storage site formation solid, no water. When the same type of steel members are stacked, the fulcrums of the steel members in all the layers are on the same vertical line.

Third, the other

1. to enter the construction site must wear safety helmets, high-altitude operations must wear non-slip shoes, seat belts, who are not suitable for aerial work, may not engage in aerial work.

2. construction machine rigging led by the foreman before the construction of relevant personnel, qualified before use.

3.four wind above the ban on homework.

4. hoisting operations staff in the strict implementation of the "safety rules" in the. Ten do not hang. Provisions, safety personnel before lifting should be carried out safety education workers.

5. hoisting process, should be in place before the components into operation, unlock the slings should be fastened fastened parts to prevent the air from falling.

6. hoisting operation point from the high-voltage line shall not be less than 2m. It should not be less than 1m from the low voltage line, otherwise measures should be taken before construction can be carried out.

7. in the same vertical line, strictly prohibited at the same time under construction.

8. high-altitude operations. All kinds of tools, accessories should be loaded into the tool bag, is strictly prohibited littering to prevent object hit.

9. components in place should be smooth, to avoid vibration and swing, to be fastened components can be released after the sling.

10. Construction of oxygen bottles, acetylene bottles, must be 10m away from the open flame, 2 10m away from each other, to avoid exposure, barbecue, moving prohibited prohibiting collision to prevent fire.

11.. to use qualified electrical equipment, and have a special electrician responsible.



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