Construction scheme of prefabricated steel structure roof of steel structure net frame-2

Prefabricated steel structure roof mainly adopts 50mm thick sandwich prefabricated steel structure roof panel length depends on the project need to determine and transport requirements. Prefabricated building supplier to installation using button connection, use self tapping screws fixed on the purlin, pressure plate installation requirements overlapped tightly and prefabricated corrugated steel roof panel and roof structure ensure the vertical axis, with pre measuring instrument put a line, determine the line the whole plate.

In general precast steel roof and flooding plate installation operations, self-tapping bolts, boreholes, hand saws, chainsaws, or other operations will leave metal debris in the vicinity of the precast steel roof. These debris and other debris (rivets, nails, screw lamps, etc.) must be removed as soon as possible from the roof, flooding board. Eliminate the gutters and so on. Take this work as the end of the day. Especially after the complete installation of the precast steel roof, it cannot be dispensed with... Ignore the work. When iron, copper, lead and other materials are in contact with the surface of the aluminum galvanized sheet, and are exposed to the tide together In gas or condensed water environment, the aluminum-zinc coating will be damaged, resulting in corrosion of the steel plate.

When the surface profiled steel plate of precast steel roof plate is suspended to the surface and ready to be installed, be careful to ensure that all surface profiled steel plates of the precast steel roof slab face up. And all the lap edges are oriented towards the side of the precast steel roof to be installed. Otherwise, the surface profiled steel plate of the precast steel roof will not only flip over the surface profiled steel plate of the prefabricated steel roof, but also make the surface profiled steel plate of the precast steel roof plate turn around. The surface profiled steel plate of the structural roof slab shall be placed near or on the supporting point of the purlin. Before fixing the first plate, make sure that the position of the purlin is vertical and square, 

When the first prefabricated steel structure building roof plate is fixed in position, a continuous line is drawn at the lower end of the roof, and this line and the first prefabricated steel roof slab surface profiled steel plate will become conductors. To facilitate the rapid installation and correction of surface profiled steel plates for prefabricated steel structure building roof panels. At certain stages, such as when installed to the halfway point, the top of the surface profiled steel sheet from fixed precast steel roof panels is also measured. The distance from the bottom to the far side or the finish line of the precast steel roof to ensure that the surface profiled steel plate of the fixed precast steel roof plate is parallel to the finish line. If adjustment is required, each piece can be placed and fixed later The plate is slightly sector adjusted until the surface steel sheet of the precast steel roof plate reaches flatness. According to the construction drawings, the prefabricated steel roof panels of the grid truss are stacked on the material storage yard, Hoisting the precast steel roof board to the design position, fixed with the hoist.



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