Construction scheme of prefabricated steel structure roof of steel structure net frame-3

Direction3Matters needing attention in Waterproof Engineering of prefabricated steel structure Roof

Bolts or tapping screws shall be used in connection between steel structure warehouse building colored steel plates and steel structure purlins. When bolts are used, larger pieces shall be used, and the fastening force shall be moderate and firm. Avoid pitches at fastening points. Bolts on the wall should be neat, symmetrical and spaced evenly. The colored steel plates used at the corners, that is, the corner plates should be specified on the construction drawings, and constructed according to the drawings. The inside and outside angles of the corner plates. It is advisable to adopt colored steel corner plate or angle aluminum, its butt joint should be flat and dense, and the wall surface of color steel plate should be straight and straight. The connection of corner of corner plate should be consistent. Horizontal. Vertical direction should be straight line. No obvious joint shall appear without obvious dislocation There is no wave like warpage after the connection of the inner and outer corners. When the construction of the bang steel structure workshop is being built, the prefabricated steel structure building roof waterproof works should not only comply with the relevant technical requirements of the prefabricated steel roof waterproof works, but also abide by the following principles.


1) the slope of precast steel roof shall not be less than 5 and not less than 8 under corrosive environment.

2) the precast steel roof slab shall not be lapped when conditions permit. When it is necessary to do so, it shall be lapped in the direction of the length of the slope. Lap joints must fall on purlins or braces. When the slope of precast steel roof is less than or equal to 10, the lap length is not less than 250 mm, and when the slope of precast steel roof is greater than 10. The length of lap joint shall be not less than 180mm. the part of the lap plate shall be connected with stitches or rivets, and the middle distance shall not be greater than 300mm. all lap joints must be sealed with sealant or waterproof material. Waterproof measures should be taken for exposed nail heads. Precast steel structure houses which must be lapped along the long direction of the slope The special fixed seat is fixed on the purlin with self-tapping nail, then the hidden fastener is laid on the special support, and the lap part is clamped by special fixture at the peak of the plate. The plate is fixed as a whole. In the construction process, the rivets or self-tapping nails can not be used at the valley, and the lateral lap connection of the precast steel structure roof (corrugated type) can not be avoided by seepage or leakage of water on the roof of the precast steel structure (corrugated type). Waterproof sealing material must be provided in the lap area.


The wrap angle of Pan Steel. Steel structure prefabricated overlapping watercolor watercolor plate and other parts of the eaves drop as far as possible to the leeward direction or downstream direction of crimp crimping, its length should be less than 60mm, can be connected by rivet, the spacing should be less than 200mm, the installation should pay attention to the straight seam steel structure roof panel should be prefabricated. Try to avoid the holes must be openings should accord with the design requirements, and the corresponding processing technology.


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