World's Biggest And Best Steel Building Companies

As steel demands have risen, we have been looking for the best steel building companies out there. After all who wouldn’t look to them as they have produced roughly a quarter of steel production combined?

Below we’ve compiled a list of the top steel building materials supplier, steel building parts supplier, and the best steel building companies around. Also note that this list doesn’t include any World Steel Association member companies that are part of consolidations with non-members.


ArcelorMittal SA

Top of the list and the world’s best steel building companies in terms of steel production is ArcelorMittal S.A. Producing over 6% of the crude steel production on its own, this company has been a steel building materials supplier servicing a large amount of countries. They are headquartered in Luxembourg and have gross revenues of excess of US$ 70 billion.



A far second is Baosteel Group Corporation. This steel building part supplier is Chinese state-owned enterprise that consists of Baoshan Irpn & Steel Co. Ltd, Xinjian Bayi Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, Guangdong Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd., and Ningbo Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. amongst several other steel processing, investment and engineering entities.



This steel building materials supplier was established back in 1968 as Pohan Iron and Steel Company. Known as POSCO today, they operate two integrated steel mills. One is located in South Korea while the other is a joint venture with US Steel (commonly referred to aas USS-POSCO) which is in California.


Nippon Steel Corp

Another one of the best steel building companies out there is Nippon Steel Corporation. Located in Japan, this company is the largest steel building materials supplier Japan has to offer. With over 50,000 staff, and is traded on Tokyo Stock Exchange, this company shows promise.


JFE Holdings

JFE Holdings Inc. is the parent company of the steel building parts supplier JFE Steel Corp., one of world’s largest integrated steel companies. The company has two steelworks in Japan and relies on those steelworks for sales.


Jiangsu Shagang Group

Commonly known as the Shagang Group, the company is the parent company of the steel building supplier Shasteel. Shasteel is actually the largest privately-owned steel supplier that China has to offer.


Tata Steel

Formerly known as Tata Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., it’s a subsidiary of the Tata Group. This is one of the longest running companies as it was established back in 1907. As a result of the success and long-run this best steel building companies has, it’s been able to operate in at least 26 countries.


US Steel

Another long-running steel building materials supplier is the US Steel. Formed in 1901, this is the largest domestically-owned integrated steel supplier. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this company has made a steel building parts supplier and many others across the US. These steel facilities include Gary Works, Mon Valley Works, Fairfield Works, and more.



There are many steel production companies out there all aiming to be best steel building companies out there. As such they are always looking to improve and expand in this growing space.


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