Assembly-style buildings in the future development of seven major trends

In the "German Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025" new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution background, the world's construction industry is facing new changes and significant impact on a variety of new concepts and new models are emerging, such as organic chain Integration, parallel assembly engineering, low energy prefabrication, green assembly,steel structure building,steel structure warehouse, robotic agile construction, networked construction and virtual purchasing and assembly, etc. The construction system and industrial system of the world's future assembly building will surpass the existing business model and industrial form category. Its innovation direction and development trend include the following seven aspects:


Direction1: OS development trend


Currently, assembly-type construction technology in various countries is still a closed system (CS). The existing production focuses on standardized components and is in line with standard design and rapid construction. However, the disadvantage of CS is its limited structure, its lack of flexibility in design, and its lack of modularity. "The world's future development trend of prefabricated building technology is the transition from a closed system (CS) to an open system (OS) development." Xia Aier German architect Mies think, "OS trends can be committed to the development of standardized function blocks, This ease of unification and changeover facilitates production and construction, as well as greater greater freedom of assembly for steel structure architects and builders. 



Direction2: PS / SID development trend


At present, the modular structure design of fabricated buildings is relatively fast in all countries. The future of the world assembly type architecture will be pre-structured (PS) and interior decoration (SID) of the PS / SID integration direction. Japanese architect Wen Yanmu pointed out: "Because the prefabricated building is not only the industrialization of the main structure but also the industrialization of interior decoration parts, the two are mutually reinforcing and rely on each other. It is wrong to emphasize one aspect in any respect."




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