Steel plate processing in the operation of shears

We all know that a wide range of mechanical equipment is used in steel processing technology. Mainly used in the processing of steel structure forming the workpiece are: shearing machine, oxygen - acetylene gas flame cutting machine, steel straightening machine, bending machine, bending machine, bending machines, presses, presses and various welding Machinery and so on. So, what is the shearing machine operation and processing it? Please look at the analysis of the following technology bar.

Shearing machine is steel, especially sheet metal cutting and cutting machinery and equipment. Shear machine according to the structure of sub-gantry shears, disc shears, punching and cutting machine, and so on, are widely used in steel structures duilding. Transmission by mechanical transmission shears and hydraulic transmission shears.

Gantry shears are often used to cut the straight edge of the sheet of wool bad. For the sheared sheets, the shearing process should ensure the straightness and parallelism of the sheared surface and minimize plate distortion in order to obtain a high quality work piece blank.

Gantry shearing machine is cutting the sheet metal commonly used special machinery. Gantry shears structure is characterized by gantry scissor frame, there are two types of mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission.

Gantry shearing machine is on the next two diagonal cutter cut. At the beginning of shearing, only a portion of the upper blade contacts the sheet, and the sheet is then sheared. When it continues to decline, it gradually separates into two parts.

Shear angle has a great influence on the deformation of shearing slats. Shear quality is good when the shearing angle is small, and the quality is poor when shearing angle is large. Small shearing angle shearing force, the shear angle of modern shearing machine is 1 °~ 3 °. Shearing machines with mechanical transmission and hydraulically-mechanically driven shears are not adjustable in most cases.

Hydraulic transmission shear machine is easy to maintain, the number of trips , the cost is lower. The shearing machine frame is a steel plate welded overall structure, the knife holder is swung along the arc so that the clearance between the blades is adjusted by the eccentric shaft of the swinging fulcrum of the knife holder, the structure is simple and the adjustment is convenient. Pressure device using hydraulic structure, the new hydraulic shear commonly used hydraulic machinery.

In summary, this is the steel plate processing shearing machine operation. In the entire steel processing, it will involve a lot of equipment, equipment, reasonable and safe operation, for the entire processing of the process is of some help.Sheng Bang Steel Structure Company is prefessional manufacture steel structure warehouse,workshop,hangar and the other steel structure building.



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