Assembly-style buildings in the future development of seven major trends 02

Direction3: UFCS development trend


German architect Jurgen China Rumsfeld said: "using the most advanced technology to develop a method of connecting points, the future has become a basic prefabricated construction innovation tasks, which will determine the final characteristics of a structure largely ".Sheng Bang Steel Co., Ltd. mainly produces steel structure warehouse, factory buildings, hangars and other steel structures just in line.In the German assembly-type construction industry, the construction methods for the link assembly are mainly wet and dry systems. However, the standard of operation in wet system is lower and the labor required is more; while the dry system is the combination of screws and nuts, the disadvantage is that the seismic performance is poor and the impermeability of wet system is good. The German assembly-type construction community is innovating in the development of a universal flexible coupling system (UFCS) that combines cast-in-place and prefabricated assembly. UFCS can be used to analyze and determine the parameters such as frequency ratio, damping ratio and mass ratio of the connected components by means of virtual excitation. The significant effect is that it can shorten the production of prefabricated parts in time according to the matching requirements of assembly operations Cycle, reduce the stock of rough and products, but also improve the utilization of assembly components, reduce direct labor, improve the consistency of assembly components and construction quality, which can significantly improve economic results.



Direction4: WICIP development trend


"In the future, the assembly-type construction industry in the world will surely realize the management and application of informationization in the entire industrial chain and will consult, plan, design, construct and manage the information in all aspects of the industrialized assembly-type construction through information technology such as LAE, CAE and BIM exchange platform, to support the whole industry chain information platform (WICIP) of. "Italian architect Le Corbusier pointed out that the" 'modern information technology' to promote 'sustainable fabricated building industrialization', is to achieve fabricated building industry Full life-cycle and quality responsibility traceable management of important means. "



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