Application of BIM Technology in Construction Equipment Design1

First, the information age architectural design technology - BIM

The concept of BIM was first proposed in the 1980s, is the inevitable product of the combination of information technology and digital technology. BIM technology is designed to digitize all the building (composition and function) information and create a rich database of building information that provides decision support to all participants throughout the life of the building. BIM technology, an object-oriented CAD technology for architectural design, is used to digitally describe buildings (such as: steel structure building). Using BIM technology to store complete building information in an electronic model, this approach is praised as a new CAD-based object change is not a new concept, the digital representation of the building is always an ideal way, but has been Not commercially implemented, until the popularity of personal computers in recent years, it appeared more and more BIM applications.


BIM software is no longer a low-level geometric drawing tool, the object of operation is no longer point, line, circle these simple geometric objects, but the wall, doors, windows and other building components; established and modified on the computer nor And then a bunch of unrelated points and lines, but by a building composed of building components as a whole.


In BIM applications, building components are objectified, and digitized objects are coded to describe and represent real building components. An object needs a series of parameters to describe its properties. The object's code must include these parameters. The parameters are usually predefined or comply with some well-established rules. These parameters constitute the attributes of the building. For example, a wall object is an object that has all the properties of a wall, including not only geometry information such as length, width and height, but also wall materials, thermal insulation, surface treatment, wall specifications, cost, and more. In general CAD drawing software, the wall is expressed in two-dimensional way of two parallel lines without any connection between the lines.



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