Different projects of large-span steel construction points, what is a reasonable design?-3

Disassembly control


As the large-span steel structure has the advantages of large unloading gross tonnage, wide distribution of unloading points, large single-point unloading, large unloading calculation and analysis workload, if the supporting force is released unreasonably, the structure will be destroyed or the scaffolding will be gradually destabilized. Therefore, the unloading of steel structure must be based on the principle of system conversion program, based on structural calculation and analysis, to structural safety as the purpose, to deformation coordination as the core, real-time monitoring as a guarantee, strictly in accordance with the law of equality and equidistant two Unloading method requires the operation.


Hoisting program


When the long-span steel girder is hoisted, if the reasonable lifting point calculation is not carried out, the traditional two-point hoisting is still selected. Due to the long structure of the steel girder and the large spacing of the hanging points, as well as the self-weight and variable load acting, the steel girder and the steel cable Are subject to a great axial force, prone to lateral bending steel beams, and even more serious deformation.


The construction of large-span steel structures should be strengthened management, increase the business training of workers to make it more specific understanding of the force characteristics of components and hoisting knowledge. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the construction organization design to justify the lifting plan so as to select a more reasonable lifting plan.


Installation order


As long-span steel structures require a higher order of installation, if the installation sequence is not properly considered and the steel components do not meet the requirements of hoisting, the safety of structures may be affected. When designing the construction organization, the installation sequence should be arranged reasonably. Factory processing, component transportation and on-site installation should be unified and coordinated. During construction, strict implementation should be carried out. In addition to earnestly formulating the installation sequence suitable for the project, an experienced construction team should also be selected for installation so as to avoid potential quality problems.

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Large-span steel structures are used more in specific projects. In view of various problems in the construction process, the design and optimization of construction organization should be strengthened to strengthen the red line of safety and quality so as to continuously improve the construction technology.




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