Application of BIM Technology in Construction Equipment Design-2

Second, the implementation of different stages of BIM design


The final result of implementing BIM during the architectural design phase must be for all designers to apply throughout the design. However, under the condition that the full application conditions are not yet available, the application of local projects, local specializations and partial processes will become a normal state in the future transitional period. Therefore, according to the specific project design needs, BIM team conditions, design cycles and other conditions, you can choose


BIM is implemented in different design phases:


(1) Conceptual design stage: BIM is used in the conceptual design of the early stage. It can also carry out various area analysis, shape factor analysis, commercial real estate revenue analysis, visibility analysis, sunshine trajectory analysis and the like in perfect performance of design ideas.


(2) Project design stage: BIM is used in this stage. In particular, it will play an important role in design optimization, program comparison (such as rationalized surface design) and program feasibility analysis for complex design projects. At the same time, architectural performance analysis, energy analysis, lighting analysis, sunshine analysis, evacuation analysis, etc. will play an important role in the design of architectural design optimization.


(3) Construction drawing design stage: BIM is the best solution to the problem that the construction drawing (such as: steel structure building) can not be expressed by 2D design means such as complicated design. Of course, in the current BIM talent shortage, heavy construction design tasks, time constraints, may wish to use the BIM + Auto CAD model, the premise is based on the BIM results using Auto CAD to deepen the design, in order to ensure the quality of the design as much as possible.


(4) Professional Pipeline Integration: BIM is the only way to completely and effectively solve this difficult problem for complex professional pipeline design of large-scale factory design, transportation hubs such as airports and subways, and public sports theater projects.


(5) visual design: renderings, animation, real-time roaming, virtual reality systems and other means of project presentation is also part of the BIM application.




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