Application of BIM Technology in Construction Equipment Design3

BIM technology in building water supply and drainage design

(A) building water supply and drainage engineering design features


1, rich in materials, computational complexity


Building water supply and drainage works of different functions of the water supply and drainage pipe material is also different, but different material pipe, the installation requirements are also different.


2, many types of pipes, the number of more complex


Water supply and drainage works of different functions of the water supply and drainage pipe often as many as seven or eight. Different types of pipe installation requirements are different, so a reasonable layout of the water supply and drainage pipe is particularly important.


3, accounting for less investment in construction projects (such as steel structure building), but the role of large


Water supply and drainage projects generally account for less than 10% of the total investment in the project, but the design of water supply and drainage determines the safety and comfort of the building. Therefore, water supply and drainage works are an integral part of the construction.


(B) BIM technology in the design of building equipment


A square of the second floor of the underground development project for the public garage, the pipeline should be rational and beautiful layout, improve the overall pipeline height, to create a better sense of space. However, the model shows that there is an extremely complicated line at the intersection of lanes. The height of the bottom of the beam is 3.02m. The pipelines to be installed under the beam are: two vertical chilled water pipes DN500, two DN250 chilled water pipes, two DN150 chilled water pipes, and 1600 × 300 fill a duct, DN150 fire hose three, DN150 non-pressure sewage pipe; horizontal DN250 six frozen pipes, DN125 chilled water pipe four, 50 × 25,75 × 75,100 × 50,100 × 100,200 × 100,300 × 100 one each bridge, life water supply pipe DN150, DN100 two, DN150 fire hose two, after with the owners, the total package, the consultant repeatedly coordinated communication, decided to two DN500 chilled water pipe From the lane to the parking position to increase the height above the lane, the bridge bypasses the area where the chilled water pipe is concentrated. The air duct uses the beam to pass the chilled water pipe through it. A DN150 fire hose penetrates the beam to avoid Collision with the chilled water pipes, so as to meet the space in the case, as far as possible to meet the layout of the beautiful and reasonable (see below). Through the solution of this problem, the owner, the general contractor and the professional consultants sincerely said that BIM technology is indeed a good thing. At the same time, this technology has also been well received by all parties.



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