The market is playing more and more attention to the steel construct work

With a series of encouragement and support for the development of energy-saving building measures have been introduced, steel structure project is more and more attention by the market, especially industrial construction and new bridge structure and other fields, steel structure project is the hot pursuit of the market.

 At this stage, the construction of energy-saving tide swept most parts of China, people's emphasis on energy-efficient building higher and higher, steel works become a model for energy-efficient buildings, building energy efficiency and achieve a win-win economic .It turned out that most of our houses belong to high energy consumption buildings, which directly exacerbated the energy crisis of land, water and electricity in China. The emergence of steel structure works effectively alleviate this situation, by the state introduced the impact of building energy efficiency policy, the proportion of steel structure is gradually increased, and extended to a variety of areas. Energy conservation and environmental protection is the twenty-first century global advocate of life, building energy and human life are closely linked. Energy-saving steel structure engineering in the production of materials, construction and installation and use of the process can meet the same needs, but also to achieve lower energy consumption.



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