Light steel structure plays an essential role in residential construction

Build house is a systematic project. With awareness of environmental protects, more and more people lead to use steel structure. The advantage of steel construction is lightweight, high strength properties. The steel structure houses with light weight, good weather performance, thermal insulation and other characteristics, is in line with the requirements of sustainable development of green buildings. Most of the components of the prefabricated building can be pre-completed at the factory, transported to the construction site for assembly, so that the construction period is significantly shorter.


Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete construction, manufacturing cost difference is not too large, on the steel structure price impact, most of people misunderstand steel structure’s price which is a little high. Otherwise, steel structure residence usually reduce foundation price. That’s 30% cheaper than concrete buildings. At the same time, on the building environment protection impacts, that can be recoverable and recycling. So steel structure residence is not only effective energy , but also suitable price. That are existing certain advantages.


Steel structure has been recognized as the most appropriate structure for seismic areas. Housing industry to a higher level, the housing industry GFA of completed residential buildings accounting for the proportion of the total area reached thirty-five% or more. The national A-class residential are more than twenty. The most important things in the building industry are safe. Accelerate the promotion and popularization of the housing industry model.








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