Production site waste 8 big summary 2

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Five, human waste

73. Personnel changes that are capable of subordinates can not be controlled for the following reasons

74. The direct and indirect costs of employee changes were not assessed

75. "tube" too much, smart leadership is too little

76. Discipline requires "too strict" or "too loose"

77. The "promise" that can be achieved is not followed

78. A promise that can not be done, such as a raise or a promotion

79. No good reason to dismiss the person, should not use dismissal as a punishment - quality

80. Strong stay in his extreme do not like the work

81. Treatment of subordinate injustice

82. subordinates quarrel, partial to one side

83. Comment on a subordinate Other subordinates (referring to mulberry)

84. The reasons for the voluntary separation of subordinates were not detected

85. The objectives and policies of the company can not be explained correctly to the subordinates

86. In the staff salary adjustment, the monitor did not participate

87. The authority of the squad leader is not good

88. It is not possible for new entrants to give full play to their productive forces

89. No new staff is accepted in a cordial and helpful manner

90. No new job guidance was given to new entrants

91. Do not let new staff understand all day work and other content - quality

92. There is no qualified person to work together

93. There is no patience for people who are slow to learn

94. did not promote other subordinates to the new friendly, helpful attitude

95. Not as close as possible to newcomers

96. did not tell new people, factory life and planning, such as safety, pay date, toilet, drinking water, bathroom, etc.

97. The Lean Production Promotion Center is not scheduled for the complete training program

98. did not make ministries do their best

99. did not guide subordinates how to do a good job

100. It is not possible to explain the work and make it interesting

101. There is no concern about the progress of subordinates and personal life

102. did not accommodate the subordinate error of the amount of elegance

103. do not pay attention to the power and personality of subordinates, the appropriate assignment of work

104. did not study the subordinate individual differences to play his greatest potential

105. Evaluation of a person only re-qualification, race, religion, relationship, geographical and so on

106. connivance of subordinate factions exist or form a small circle

107. Know that someone's mental or physical inappropriate, but not to mobilize

108. sick subordinates still let him work - quality

109. No assistance is required)

110. When possible and appropriate time, no promotion is given

111. Issues affecting wages and working conditions were not taken into account

112. did not train a candidate

113. The lack of the concept of standard hourly teaching - quality

114. Data on staff efficiency management


Sixth, the waste of accidents:

115. It was not recognized that prevention of accidents was part of the work

116. Security matters were not thoroughly stated for all subordinates

117. The machine is not fitted with safety precautions and made sure to be effective

118. Pampering abuse in the workplace

119. The risk mark is not marked on the appropriate premises and remains clean and readable

120. The indirect costs of the accident were not thoroughly understood

121. Lean Production Promotion Center

122. Do not understand the cause of an accidental danger

123. No accident records are recorded and are not analyzed and applied

124. Good security examples were not established

125. There is no regular and practical check for safety

126. Failure to implement safety rules persistently

127. The staff lack the necessary safety assembly: such as gloves, seat belts, welding face and so on

128. Management personnel did not recognize their safety responsibilities and incident responsibilities

129. Can not inspire and maintain subordinate security awareness to prevent accidents

130. does not cooperate with a security inspector of a government or insurance company


Seven, lack of cooperation waste

131. No cooperation with other managers or departments

133. In the affairs of staff, engineers, clerks, personnel and other cooperation

134. Do not really understand the company policy and explain to the subordinates

135. rumors can not be dealt with cleverly

136. To deduce responsibility for other squad leader, subordinate or supervisor

137. The advice of the subordinates is not properly reflected to the supervisor

138. Unhappy employees incite to resist the company's practices

139. Managers fail to give full support to the rules of the company that are not yet available

140. The atmosphere of friendship and cooperation between subordinates was not encouraged

141. Managers criticize corporate policies and private in this sector

142. In the company's educational activities did not cooperate fully with the management, including apprenticeship, bulletin boards, employee communications, proposal system, etc.


Eight, the waste of space to rectify

143. Inappropriate discharge and storage of materials

144. Not paying attention to the route plan for the material in the factory

145. Incorrect placement of machinery and other permanent equipment

146. Possession of hand tools, ladders, trolleys, etc. on the aisle, can not keep walkway cleaners

147. Waste is not scrapped Lean Production Promotion Center

148. Cabinets, drums, materials supply, etc. placed in the inconvenience Six Sigma

149. indulge in unnecessary machines and equipment to occupy an important space

150. Due to the lack of timely repair of the floor, roof, etc. so that the required space is not used - quality

151. lack of lighting, the formation of black spots, dead ends

152. Poor arrangement in the unit can not be organized

153. Workplace does not need the material, warehouse and workshop regardless

154. Do not attach importance to the importance of things to rectify

155. not to train and supervise the use of goods to go, positioning

156. The project is not thoroughly implemented on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly) for permanent retention


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