Production site waste 8 big summary 1

Production site waste 8 big summary -1

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Production site of 156 kinds of waste, if you have such a situation to correct, if not as a warning. !


First, the waste of time

1. The lack of appropriate planning, so that people in the specifications for the time to wait, or to stop waiting for material

2. The squad leader has not been able to thoroughly understand the order and instructions it receives

3. lack of understanding of the contents of the day

4. The order or instructions to the squad leader are unclear

5. Failure to ensure that the tools, materials, small devices, etc. should be placed in a certain place

6. should not work overtime, resulting in overtime

7. Do not view whether each job is supplied with the right tool and assembly

8. laissez-faire employees deliberately evade the work they can do

9. There is not enough staff

10. Keep too many redundant staff

11. To fill in the report and various application forms

12. connivance staff to develop a chat, from the job, a waste of time bad habits

13. Lack of inquiry and correct the reasons for the temporary absence and leave of staff

14. employees are not required to start work on time, loose supervision

15. delay decision making

16. The squad leader itself is not necessary for leave and late or not punctual

17. Late submission - quality

18. Please check the cause immediately when repair is required

19. unnecessary conversations and inquiries at work

20. squad leader can not properly arrange their own work and time


Second, the creative waste - quality


21. Failure to listen to staff recommendations

22. Employees are not encouraged to advise

23. The views of subordinates can not be heard on various issues

24. It is not possible to broadly study the relevant methods of its work and business

25. Those who have not been asked about the work experience of the new staff in order to obtain useful advice - quality

26. not fully to other departments (such as biotechnology, etc.) to ask

27. All useful proposals have not been considered or designated by the appropriate staff

28. Failure to obtain useful advice from the meeting - quality

29. management function is not good


Third, the waste of materials and supplies


30. Bad supervision, resulting in waste of materials

31. Not enough guidance for newcomers

32. No new guidance was given when assigning new work

33. blueprint or sketch broken, difficult to understand, wrong, the standard is not corrected in time, or self-assertion

34. Mechanical failure or not adjusted Lean Production Promotion Center

35. The use of materials is not checked for each process, (standard and differential analysis)

36. The ministry is not informed of the value of the material or the supply

37. Command and instructions are unclear

38. indulge in poor material handling

39. do not pay attention to subordinate eyesight and health, resulting in bad products

40. lack of discipline, indulgence careless or improper work

41. Allows ministries to use inappropriate materials, such as good or bad

42. Failure to keep track of the work of the bad person so that it can not be corrected

43. Not applicable, especially new

44. Please ask too much material, but not exhausted

45. did not request the correct material, with the wrong material

46. ​​Do not check whether the material is neatly placed and placed correctly

47. Failure to check for cracking of pipelines, such as steam, water, gas, electricity and compressed air,

48. connivance of subordinate private use of oil, compressed air, small tools, chemicals and so on

49. Let the bad material flow into the process

50. Lack of effective systems to prevent material outflows, to avoid loss or theft

51. Reusable materials are treated as waste

52. condone waste or abuse the following supplies: brooms, stationery, tarpaulins, bulbs, pipes and so on

53. Poor production did not stop production immediately


Fourth, the waste of machinery and equipment - quality


54. Lack of work plans so that all available machines are not adequately and adequately utilized

55. neglect to check the machine to keep it in good condition and to avoid malfunction

56. The squad leader lacks knowledge of the proper use of the machine and does not understand the capabilities of the machines

57. No periodic inspection - rope, belt, chain, conveyor belt, lubrication system

58. kill the chicken with chopper, small work with large machinery

59. In the maintenance, repair, paint work on the lack of coordination with the maintenance department

60. idle machine without maintenance, any wet, dirt, dust, rust and other erosion

61. lack of regular cleaning, the machine is dirty

62. All rotating parts do not check for proper lubrication

63. Repair should not be done immediately

64. The machine does not have an appropriate operating instructions

65. lack of good discipline to avoid the abuse of machinery and equipment

66. connivance of the department with "improper method" repair machine

67. foreman does not know the latest type of machine and equipment

68. The value and circumstances of the machine were not brought to the attention of the ministry

69. Abuse of small machines for heavy work

70. The scrapped machine is still repaired and costs more than buying a new machine

71. Repairable machines are scrapped

72. Data on inefficient management (mechanical efficiency)


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