Application of Large Span and Space Steel Structure Construction Technology 2

2.Support slip method

Support Slip Method: The support slip method is to set up the support frame in the structural design group of the structure to provide the support and operation platform for the installation of the structure in situ. After the installation of the part structure is completed, the support slip is the same as the installed structure Divorced. This is the adjacent structure of the adjacent installation to create the conditions, so the cycle until the completion of the overall installation of the structure. Thus, unlike the structural slip method, the support slip method can be summed up as "the structure is not slippery and the support mechanism is slippery", and the structural slip rule is "the structure is slippery and the support mechanism is not slippery". In the case of the support slip method, the design of the support frame, in addition to satisfying the conventional overall and local stability, also takes into account the horizontal dynamic load (the horizontal inertial force caused by the starting and braking action), and if necessary, Side stiffness. To sum up, because this method requires the occupation of the structure across the site, so when the surrounding environment is difficult to provide structural splicing site, the support slip method can be used as one of the solutions. It is worth noting that, regardless of structural slip or support slip method, the slip trajectory in addition to the conventional linear translation, the curve slip is also common, frequently used in engineering practice.

The overall upgrade installation method

The overall upgrade installation method: the overall upgrade installation method is to be installed on the ground or the appropriate floor projection location assembly molding, and then use the "lifting system" will shape the overall structure up to the design elevation of a installation method. When the high-span steel structure height is high, is not conducive to erected support frame, to enhance the shape of steel structure rules, the overall lifting of the construction method can be used as one of the options.

No - supported installation method for large - span cantilevered steel structures

Large-span cantilevered steel structure without support installation method: the so-called large-span cantilevered steel structure without support installation method, that is, without the support mechanism under the conditions of the cantilevered steel structure to rely on the stiffness of the use of lifting machinery for high Spare parts installation, the use of gradual extension, stage installation of the way construction. In contrast to the high altitude in situ installation method, although the method is also installed in the vicinity of the high altitude in situ, but because there is no temporary support agencies, construction measures less construction process is simple (no unloading). Applicable to the structure of the body stiffness, stability, high height of the cantilevered steel structure. The use of the method, by the impact of weight, cantilever section will be under the scratches, the resulting problems are the installation of the coordinates of the unknown components, when faced with the installation of the requirements or the existence of a joint situation, the construction process of the bit Shape control is one of the biggest technical problems, which is directly related to the completion of the structural shape can meet the requirements, and cantilever section can smooth closure.

For the long-span steel structure, the installation method of the high-altitude empty unit, the sliding installation method, the overall lifting method and the large-span cantilever-supporting method are the typical and common construction methods. However, it is necessary to grasp the applicable conditions and key Technical points, in the engineering practice in a reasonable selection. Especially in recent years, most of the works have a unique architectural style, to the construction, especially the installation work to bring many difficulties. A deep understanding of the structure of these projects, understand the path of its load transfer, familiar with the surrounding environment of the project and the specific requirements of the project, as well as the available construction resources and the company's own proprietary technology, according to local conditions to design the most appropriate , Innovation and installation program, it is the construction technology to pursue the highest level.


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