Application of Large Span and Space Steel Structure Construction Technology 1

Sliding installation method

Slip installation method generally can be divided into two kinds: structural slip method, support slip method. The following describes the construction of the two methods of the characteristics.


1.Structural slip method

Structural slip method: the basic idea is to structure the whole (or local) first with the assembly conditions of the site assembly molding, and then use the slide system as a whole to shift to the design location of a installation method. With this installation technology, the assembly site and assembly equipment can be concentrated in a relatively fixed site, compared with the in situ installation method, can reduce the temporary support and operating platform measures the amount of space to save processing and management costs. First of all, with the structural slip method, the key consideration is the structure directly in the design of the construction site is difficult, for example, outside the construction site is limited, cross-can not meet the normal lifting equipment. The basic elements of this work is only the "overall promotion method" in the ground assembly, reaction support, the overall upgrade replaced by "horizontal movement", so essentially the same with the lifting method.


At the same time, the use of this method should pay attention to at least a few points: structural support is conducive to the laying of slip track, slip line length, the higher the efficiency; sliding unit should be geometric invariant system, slip process has sufficient rigidity and Stability, as much as possible to reduce the resistance when sliding. When multi-point traction is used to achieve slip, in order to avoid torsion of the structure during the slip process, the synchronization of the traction must be controlled. If it is difficult to guarantee, the influence of the traction is not synchronized to the slip unit , If necessary, for the temporary expansion of the sliding unit. Before the final unit is fixed, the structure tends to be "slippery" in the direction of its movement in the direction of its movement, since it is necessary to take the deformation of the design outside the design (ie, outside the sliding plane), unlike the design support conditions To prevent "slip" of the countermeasure, such as in the vicinity of the support on both sides set self-balanced rigid rod or flexible cable.

In addition, the structural slip method also includes two different processes: slip, cumulative slip.



A slip or a number of slip units from one end to the design location, the sliding units were connected at high altitude, directly to form the overall structure.


2.Cumulative slip

Cumulative slip: Slip the slide unit only on the slide (not to the design position), to be connected to the next unit and then slide a distance, so repeated, one by one accumulation, until the units Push to the design location.

In general, structural slippage can be used as a solution in the installation of large span and space steel structures where the temporary support or the use of the installation crane is not good, that is, if there is a problem in the construction of the building directly one.


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